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Oyo Launches A 4-Days A Week Work Policy and Unlimited Paid Leaves Till June


As a consequence of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in the nation, hospitality and room renting company-OYO has announced that it will be granted its employees and workers associated with the company an allowance for working only 4-day a week for the month of May. Along with this, they are also granted infinite number of paid leaves without any reason asked till the month of July.

Ritesh Agarwal, Founder and one of the CEOs of the company OYO, made this announcement to its employees via a mail. The mail said that the company truly hopes that the two initiatives would make it much easier for both, the company and the employees to surge through the upcoming few weeks. Hence OYO is moving to a 4-day week for the month of May.

The email which was sent to OYO’s employees read- “…these are incredibly tough times. I truly hope you are doing everything you can to stay safe. While we all pray that this wave flattens soon, we know that the next 2-3 months are not going to be easy. Stress levels at home and in our minds are high. Two things help. First, talking to and spending time with the people we love and trust. Spouse, parents, children, friends. And second, finding sources of everyday positivity. Yoga, music, cooking, pets, et al.”

While making a comment on this, Ritesh Agarwal, in a statement said- “”COVID-19 continues to test our physical and mental well-being. One thing that truly matters is having more time for our loved ones and ourselves. Inspired by start-ups and large companies alike, we began a few initiatives this week at OYO. Starting today, we are moving to a 4-day work week but implementing it slightly differently, making Wednesdays off to let OYOpreneurs have a mid-week breather.”

Here he called OYO’s employees and associates as OYOpreneure which is a slang for the workers of OYO and the entrepreneurs and the owners associated with OYO

Ritesh further added- “We also launched no questions asked flexible infinite paid leaves where OYOpreneurs can take a leave when they want. I will personally utilize this time to wind down, be with my family, volunteering with the OYO COVID War Room, and talking to a few friends and colleagues whose families have been impacted severely in the last few weeks. I hope and pray that we all emerge out of this crisis sooner. Until then, we must all have each other’s back and tide over this crisis together.”

The employees of the company have been advised to not use this time for catching up with the work, instead rest and take care of themselves and their loved ones. If the initiative is helpful byt still the situation in the country doesn’t get better, the company might have to consider initiating the scheme again or whether there is need to increase more working days off for its employees in the month of June.



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