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 5 Appliances to Rent this summer

Instead of sweating it out for another long summer, you can get some appliances to cool down your home this hot season. If you are worried about spending large amounts of money on buying appliances just for the summer, you can simply rent them! The added advantage of renting is that you do not have to worry about expensive deliveries and yearly maintenance costs. All you have to do is order your essential appliance from an online source and return it after the summer is done or keep it year long, depending on your preference. Here is a list of appliances that you can rent this summer:

  1. Air Conditioner: the most convenient appliance to have during the summer is an air conditioner. You can get an AC on rent from an online source for less than 2500 rupees a month. If you get it for 3-4 months at a time, you may get further discounts. Renting ACs are extremely convenient and cost effective.

  2. Refrigerators: Even if you own a refrigerator, summers often require a larger fridge space because food gets spoiled easily during the summer season. Moreover, you can store more drinks and ice creams with additional space. You can also get a refrigerator on rent with extra features for more cooling, freezing space etc. You can now rent one from an online website starting at rupees 699/ a month. The best part about renting is that you can always return the appliance after the summer season if you no longer require it.

  3. Air Cooler: If air conditioners are expensive to buy or rent, you can always get a cooler on rent for less than 1000 rupees a month. Coolers tend to consume less electricity as compared to air conditioners and they are extremely easy to use. They can also be used in spaces where there is not enough wall space to install an air conditioner. The best part about coolers is that they are completely portable and you can move them around from room to room.

  4. Washing machine: washing machines can be a blessing in the summers because laundry piles up during the hot season. We tend to change clothes more often which means that the laundry pile is not going to be getting smaller. Having a washing machine during the summer season is extremely convenient and saves time and effort. You can get a washing machine on rent from an online source for less than1000 rupees a month. If you want to rent it for the long term; you can get one with a drier so that your clothes dry easily when the rainy season comes.

  5. Kitchen Appliances: make sure you stock up on kitchen appliances like ice cream makers and blenders because they are extremely useful in the summer. Standing next to a gas stove can be very uncomfortable. If you have a blender or a juicer, you can substitute your meals with cold soup or shakes.

Use these tips to rent your appliances this year in order to make your summer cool and comfortable.



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