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5 Best Freelance Websites to Hire Experienced Developers in 2021

Going digital pretty much means investing some good amount of money on creating a website, having social media accounts, working on your business public relations and more. To successfully overcome this challenge one may need to come up with a group of professionals. Hiring a team of full time workers may be the first thought to occur to a businessman’s mind. However, during the past few years especially after the global Covid-19 pandemic,  contemporary working environments have undergone so many changes and have become so flexible that there are many other alternatives to the conventional hiring procedures such as outsourcing, hiring a freelancer to work on your project.

If you happen to wonder why you need to do that here are some of the benefits of hiring a freelancer instead of a full time employee.

Cost-effective: It will save you money hiring a freelancer, first of all, because freelancers get paid hourly and you see the result immediately. Moreover, with freelancers you are not obliged to cover default insurances such as medial, holiday and so on.

More flexibility: Working with a freelancer is ten times easier in terms of flexibility. They are available any time you want them naturally based on your previous agreement. They change the tasks and projects more quickly and effortlessly.

Now that you are convinced on hiring a freelancer for your project, let’s see where they can be found. 

Here are some of the best freelance jobs websites in 2021. 


ItHire is one of the leading tech-only freelance platforms out there. It is an all-in-one freelance platform where you will be able to find the prime tech specialists on the market including web and mobile developers, UI/UX specialists, video/motion graphic makers, SEO specialists, WordPress developers and more. In a word, anyone you will need for your project to be launched. 

ItHIre assures that the specialists working on your project are all professionals due to its rigorous vetting process. Freelancers undergo several testings including real-time testing, code reviews, English language proficiency and much more. 

On top of that, the freelance platform has an internal tracking tool that allows the users track the progress of their freelancers, give them constant feedback and pay them accordingly. When it comes to the payment, ItHire has one of the most secure payment systems. The clients pay for the project only after they approve the outcome.

The feature which truly distinguishes ItHire among other freelance work websites is the presence of project managers. The platform offers  the clients  project managers to guide, monitor and execute the whole project. As a result, the clients make sure the project develops all successfully. 


Another remarkable website to hire freelancers is Upwork. Perhaps Upwork is one of the most famous freelance platforms, since it has a huge base of freelancers beyond the ones specializing in the tech industry.  

You can hire freelancers through Upwork in a few ways. The first and most frequently used method is simply posting a job on Upwork with a detailed job description including job requirements and responsibilities. The more detailed your job description is, the more relevant freelancers will apply for the job and the hiring process will achieve success more quickly. Afterwards, you can choose the right professional, negotiate the price and discuss the freelancer’s tasks.

You can also look for freelancers manually, check the review left from their previous clients, review their portfolio and make up your mind considering all the data from your research.

The main con of using Upwork is that freelancers’ skills and knowledge base is not checked thoroughly on the platform, there is no clearly defined screening process, hence sometimes you may encounter not that experienced freelancers on the platform.


Toptal claims to offer the 3% of all freelance talent worldwide. Toptal is another niche (meaning tech only) platform where you will be able to find highly professional, executive specialists for your project. Well, the screening process is pretty much the same. You will have to go through the portfolios of the freelancers, check their previous experience, get to know their skills and choose a freelancer. However, if you happen not to know what skills the freelancer needs to have for a particular task, you should not worry. Toptal enables you to pass a questionnaire about your project and based on your answers, it offers the most optimal and personalized freelancers. The questionnaire usually includes questions like  the type of the project, product specifications, job length and much more to come up with better suggestions. 

You may feel reluctant to use the platform due to its high prices. Toptal is not convenient for startups as the average hour cost is higher than that of ItHIre or Upwork.


Fiverr is most probably the biggest competitor for Upwork. Similar to the letter, it offers a huge range of freelancers not limited to one specialty. Finding a freelancer in Fiverr does not differ much from other platforms. The main feature here is Fiverr marketplace where freelancers specialised at various fields including web development, design, marketing post an outline for their projects including the time they will be able to contribute to the project, the pricing and some other relevant details. As a result, the client can review the outlines, see whether it includes whatever they need for their project, also go through the reviews the online has from the previous clients and choose the most optimal freelancer.


The work procedures on PeoplePerHour is significantly similar to that of Upwork. The clients simply post a job again with a detailed description and then the platform’s artificial intelligence offers the best candidates for the job. Besides, the freelancers who like the job description can apply for it as well. 

After getting the AI generated applications as well as the manual ones, the client reviews all of them taking into consideration the major factors including the workflow, the freelancers’ skills and previous experience, their portfolio and of course again the review because they play a huge role.

To sum, hiring a specialist to join your project may be quite challenging as you want someone both very skilled and hard working. The traditional approach to this would most probably be hiring a full-time employee, however the modern work has evolved to be more flexible, searching for easier and more cost effective ways to solve problems, that is in this case hiring a freelancer and letting them rock your project!




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