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5 Most Common MKV & MOV Errors and How to Fix Them

Just imagine, you have downloaded a movie to watch with your family. You are wondering how to open QuickTime player and everything is going smoothly and suddenly the video stops. You probably just tried to play it again from the beginning, but no. It refuses to play and you can’t figure out where the problem lies. And, just like that, your afternoon is ruined.

This happens with a lot of us. The MKV and MOV files have a complex internal architecture due to several different types of encoding. This makes them more susceptible to damage. However, not all errors are due to corrupted video. Some may be due to your device as well.

Every particular error has got a reason behind it. Until you find out what caused corruption, you are more likely to create a mess than repair .MKV files.

Common MKV and MOV errors

1. QuickTime Player can’t open .MOV

QuickTime Player can’t open .MOV

A ‘QuickTime can’t open .MOV’ error may arise if the file is corrupted. This may be the result of missing video components. If your MKV or MOV file has a broken header or a missing EOF, there is no chance that it will play.

2. Frozen Frame

Frozen Frame

Another common issue faced while watching MKVs and MOVs is a frozen frame. This usually happens as a result of interruption while downloading the video. If your internet connection is unstable or you are downloading several videos simultaneously, your video may acquire this issue.

Initially, your media player runs the video but then stops when some of the parts of the video are missing. No matter how many times you play such a video, it won’t continue till the end. Before spending your time to repair .MKV files, you can try downloading it again with a stronger internet connection. This may solve your problem.

3. Codec Issue

Codec Issue

The error message ‘QuickTime won’t play MOV’ can also occur if the audio and video codecs used to compress your video file is QuickTime non-compatible.

In order to solve this issue, you would need to check which codecs are used by your video and install them on your device. If you don’t wish to go into downloading codecs, you can try changing the video’s format to a QuickTime compatible one. You can even have a go with some other media players such as VLC.

4. Crackled and Distorted sound

Crackled and Distorted sound

Not all errors encountered while watching a video are related to video and playback. You could come across sound issues too. A crackled and distorted sound may break your flow of entertainment. The crackling sound is at times so irritating that you would do anything to make it stop.

If you are using headphones or speakers, you might want to check that all its wires and cables are connected securely. If the problem still persists, you may have to clear the enhancements such as ‘bass management’ from your settings.

5. Black screen

Black screen

If your MKV or MOV file is repeatedly crashing and you are only able to see a pitch-black screen, you need to repair MOV files because it is corrupted. Repairing MOV files is not that difficult if you are aware of the reason behind it. Read and write errors and virus attacks are the common reasons behind such a corrupt video. Downloading the file again may help to repair MKV files.

How to repair MKV files and MOV files?

If downloading the files again is not an option, you might need to considerrepairing MKV files and MOV files yourself. This is a great MKV fix. A few years ago this might have sounded impossible. But today, there are a whole lot of video repairing tools that can solve all your video-related issues.

Use a MOV and MKV repair tool

If MOV file repair gives you a headache, you need to take help of the right mov repair tool. Selecting the best out of the hundred repair tools available in the market can be a difficult task. I would suggest using Wondershare Video Repair. Irrespective of the cause of the corruption, Wondershare Video repair is the absolute best for repairing MOV files and MKV files.

You just need to add the corrupt MOV file and hit the repair button. Wondershare, the popular MKV repair tool will work through your file and present you with a preview after fixing all the issues. If you are still not satisfied, you can go for the ‘Advanced video repair’ mode. You just need to add a sample .MOV video from the same device. After doing this your work is done. Sit back and enjoy your video.

Repair .MOV file using VLC

Here is another way to fix MKV files that are corrupted. You might have used the VLC media player countless times before to play your videos, but have you ever considered repairing your corrupt videos using it? VLC media player is an automated video repairing tool that can fix all the videos in .AVI format.

VLC also allows you to convert your MKV and MOV videos into .AVI. Simply set the preferences to ‘Always fix’ and leave the rest to VLC.

Upgrade video card drivers

If your system software controlling the video media is not up-to-date, it may not be able to play your MKV and .MOV files. In this case, your videos are not corrupt but your card drivers are not capable of playing the videos. A simple solution to this problem will be to upgrade video card drivers.



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