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Everything You Need to Know About Posting PDF Files

The PDF file format has gradually become an integral part of our digitally dominated lives. By posting The PDF files we easily can circulate the digital representations of our documents. Where the PDF files are used almost everywhere today, it is also true that this format is still the cause of headaches for a common man. Not to worry! This article will guide you all about posting the PDF files.

The potential problems concerned with PDF files

Where posting PDF files can be really beneficial, there are also certain obstacles in the way.

· Slow to load

Due to the large size of a PDF file, loading it may eat up a lot of time. Your browser may hang while waiting for the PDF reader to launch.

· The links to PDF files appear the same as the links to webpages

It may happen that the user was expecting a webpage to load, and be confused when a PDF opens instead.

· PDFs are often inaccessible

The proper formatting of a PDF file is crucial or else it may not be completely accessible to the people visiting your site using some assistive technologies.

· May not impart the complete screen reading experience

The PDFs are not usually written with the motive of reading on the web. For instance, the PDF format of a tri-fold brochure will not give you the proper experience when you are viewing it on your screen. The pages would be out of order. The PDF will actually make sense when printed out and folded together.

· May have low granularity

The newsletters in a PDF file format often have low granularity. In case you need to read a particular article, you would need to open the entire PDF file.

The best time to post a PDF

When you feel that your reader would want to download or print your content, it is best to post it as a PDF. If this is not the case, then you must go for publishing your content as a web page.

For instance, it is easier to post an event flyer template as a PDF. On the other hand, accessing it via a web page or a post might be more convenient for your reader. It would eliminate the need to go through extra clicks in order to download a simple one-page template. Also, it is easier on your part to make modifications in a web page than in a PDF.

When posting a PDF is the best option, make sure it is well-designed

· Merge several PDFs into a single one

In case there are several PDF files to be posted on a webpage, it is better to merge pdfs into one. Instead of reading or printing numerous files one by one, handling a single merged PDF would be more convenient for the user.

· Optimize your PDF for the web

Usually, a PDF is designed in order to be printed, so web optimization is not taken into account. You must suitably optimize your PDF for the web so that the file size is reduced. A reduced file size in turn means an increase download speed. The size of an existing PDF can easily be reduced with the help of a PDF Optimizer.

Pro Tip: It’s really easy to convert excel file to PDF. All you need is excel to PDF converter.

· Ascertain the accessibility of your PDF file

In case you create the PDF from a Word document, make sure that the Word document is accessible before you make the conversion.

· A descriptive title must be associated with your PDF file

Often the PDF files have convoluted names. For example, the PDF of an event flyer may have the name “event1121.pdf”. It would make much more sense if you provide a descriptive title with your PDF on the web page.

· Provide the size details along with the PDF

Make sure you clearly identify the file as a PDF and give the details about how large the file is. Also mention how many pages it contains.

· Include a short introduction

Don’t simply post your PDF. Include a few introductory sentences for your readers describing what they’ll get in the PDF. Take for example you are posting a newsletter. You could write something like “In this month’s release you will find…”.

By now, it must have been clear when and how you should post a PDF file. Next time you are posting your content, make sure to keep these key points in mind.



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