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5 must have features in video hosting platform

Are you looking to create and host videos to earn some revenue?. Look out for a video hosting platform to do all the hard work for you.

Now, how to search for a video hosting platform which fulfills all your needs? What are the features a video hosting platform should have? What is the ideal pricing? Typing ‘video hosting platforms’ in a Google search gives you 5,41,00,000  search results. Also consisting of paid ads and content around the best online video hosting platforms.

Here we bring to you 5 must have features for any video hosting platform & how they enhance the usefulness of the underlying video hosting platform. While you may be wondering, What does a video hosting platform should consist of? By the end of this blog, you’ll have your answer along with a lot of other useful knowledge about video hosting. Here we go…

1. Security

One of the most critical features of a video hosting platform is “The Security”. To ensure protection of your videos you need to have a secure platform with, and confidentiality of content. Any video hosting platform must have following DRM encryption to provide high level security.

  1. Google Widevine DRM Encryption –  Provides Netflix-like security to protect video downloads in Desktop and Android via Widevine DRM encryption. IDM, Video Download Helper, other such tools won’t be able to download video. 
  1. Apple Fairplay DRM Encryption –  downloads in IOS via Fairplay DRM encryption. IDM, Video Download Helper, other such tools won’t be able to download the video.

2. Powerful CDN

A Content Delivery Network(CDN) is a distribution model for making the delivery of multimedia content faster and reliable for a global audience using the internet. Media such as videos that are sent using a CDN are copied on a real-time basis. And these copies are then used to deliver the content to a network of thousands of servers across the globe.

Following a CDN approach not only improves security but also allows scaling up of videos, handling up to a million concurrent viewers, minimize buffering and packet loss. A video hosting platform linked along with a professional CDN will enhance the video quality and help distribute content over a vast geography.

3. Dashboard & Video APIs

A Dashboard helps to let you manage your video workflows. If you are just starting a new business, having an easy to use dashboard is a must. A video dashboard is necessary to manage, segment videos and change settings(e.g thumbnail, subtitles, etc).

Enterprise video hosting platforms often come along with the capabilities to become a video platform reseller, create custom video portals, and build apps around your streaming or on-demand video content.This is possible through APIs that support custom development and integration.

APIs in video hosting platforms also facilitate integration with databases of all kinds. Therefore, when selecting the right platform from an array of video hosting platforms, you must choose the one with a functional API.

4. Video Analytics

Most video hosting platforms only provide basic analytics, helping you measure the success of your content. Choose a video hosting platform which allows you to view success metrics like views, bounce rates, conversions, user engagement, and average view times.

Based on the above metrics you can modify content toward audience interest, engage users through targeted content, and segment users based on various parameters to specifically work on them. Video analytics is an integral part of any online business, online video creation and distribution in yours.

5. Support

At last, after all the hard work you’ve done you need support at the end of the day. A perfect video hosting platform will have a robust support system with technical experts and professionals available 24/7 in case any unwanted/unexpected situation arises. You will need them to be proactive in assisting you at these times.

Customer support is one of the basis for any business relationship. For a reliable video hosting platform, you need dependable help for fixing issues and eliminating out the glitches. Hence choose wisely.


Once you start searching for your video hosting platform, do keep a note of these 5 features.

If you’re looking to monetize your videos by selling them online with complete security, VdoCipher is the most trusted & affordable online video hosting solution available. And for small businesses, you get a “pay as you use“ pre-paid pricing model.

The other key features include – AES Encryption, Encrypted streaming for secure video hosting service, video analytics, dynamic watermarking, bulk upload of videos via desktop, Dropbox or shared URL.



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