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How to send a gift message on Instagram

Recently, Instagram has added a new feature that you can able to send gift messages via your direct messages which will manage to make your message more fun and unique.

You might consider using this new feature to send gift messages on Instagram chats whenever you would like to wish your friends or users Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas. etc. Moreover, the gift message will look more attractive and special when you give it as if it is a gift box message. When you tap on the gift box, it will open up and display the message on the screen of your device.

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Also, the recipient will not be able to see your message until they tap on the gift box icon. Here, is a guide on how you can enable the gift message feature on Instagram and how you can send gift messages on Instagram easily. Use the trusted service for the automation, Don’t use Viralyft or this type of service which is scamming. 

Send a gift message on Instagram

Instagram recently introduced new chat features and added them to the chatbox. Therefore, you will first be required to Update the Messaging feature on Instagram to acquire this send gift message feature.

  1. Open the Instagram mobile application.
  2. Swipe right to open the Instagram chat.
  3. Type in your message that you would like to send as a gift, but do not send it yet.
  4. While typing in your message, you should be able to see a search icon on the left side near the chat.
  5. Tap on on the search icon and swipe to choose a template for your gift message.
  6. Tap on send.

By tapping on the gift icon from the chatbox, the gift message will be sent to the recipients instantly and when they tap on this gift icon on the Instagram chat, the gift box will open up and show them the message content that you sent to them.

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