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5 Reasons to buy a Home Insurance policy if you are living in a Metro City in India.

For many Indians, getting a home on your own is the ultimate dream for which many invest in. Everyone dreams of building a house, furnishing it to their own taste and turning it into a home. But many underestimate the need to protect it.

A home insurance policy will cover your home, apartment or rented home and the contents inside it from any mishaps that could befall a property. These mishaps would include fire, burglary, flood, storms, etc.

Here is why you should buy a home insurance policy to safeguard your home.

1. Burglar – The innumerous cases of burglary should be one of the primary concern to get a home insurance policy for. You would be knowing of many such cases through news and from your acquaintances. Yet believing it won’t happen to your own home is foolish. With organised crime becoming more and more common these days, it is always best to keep protection.

2. Natural Calamities – Natural calamities are unpredictable events that can wreak havoc. Flash floods, earthquakes and storms are beyond our control. If we are given a prior warning of these natural disasters, there is not much we can do but to move out of our home into safe areas. There are only so much of things that we can carry along with us. The rest will have to be abandoned in our house.
Earthquakes can happen without any warning and can create the most destruction. Rebuilding back your home along with taking care of the losses can create a heavy burden on your financial affairs. Hence it is best to have a home insurance policy.

3. Fire and explosion – Fires and explosion are often overlooked by homeowners. But they can create unimaginable damages to your home. There are numerous cases where fires have damaged homes and explosions happening through gas cylinders. These can destroy everything inside the home. It is always best to protect your contents through a home insurance policy.

4. Holidaying – One of the biggest worries you could have while you are out enjoying a good vacation is the safety of your home. You might not be sure if someone might loot your home, or if you have turned off the gas stove, etc. It is also possible that thieves can also surveil your home and if they find out no one is there, they will go ahead and loot your home. The chances of it are very high. Getting a home insurance policy is the best way to put your mind at rest and enjoy the time out.

5. Protect your investment – Buying a home would have been a huge investment for you. More than being a place where you dwell with your loved ones, it is also the place where you keep your valuables and jewellery. It becomes even more important to safeguard both the home and the things inside it. Otherwise, the money you invested in building the home and the contents inside it will be lost. It can create a huge loss to make everything up again from scratch.

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