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56 Indian founders in talks to work on an alternate playstore

Google recently made announcements about changing in-app purchase policies. Now, 56 Indian founders of different companies came together virtually to work on an alternate playstore. Paytm’s founder, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, said, “We, the country’s digital startups, need to have a joint voice so that the government and the people will listen. We can’t let India’s digital dreams get controlled by one or two global companies”.

Why are Indian Founders planning an alternate Playstore?

Google followed Apple’s recent announcement regarding the in-app purchases cut of 30%. Seeing that Google’s play store is the most significant player in Android side of things means that if developers disagree with their terms and conditions, they will generate far less revenue on being left out of the play store. So, this means that either way, developers will be the losers here.

alternate playstore

Image Source: TechCrunch

This is the reason why the Founders of 56 different Indian companies came together virtually to plan on bringing an alternative to Playstore. Most importantly, this will help Indian developers to work independently with any pressure from global companies. And even small developers can still keep generating revenue through their apps.

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We all know what the level of impact of Facebook and Google on Android users worldwide is. This is not a bad thing until these companies use their supremacy to exploit app developers and users. Bringing an alternative to Playstore will not only boost India’s digital economy but also show our power as a country.

India is not the only country protesting in their own way against Apple, Facebook and Google. Even US startups are protesting against the exorbitant 30% fees cut on the app store. When big companies provide quality services to users, then it’s awesome, but when a monopoly is created in the market, the digital revolution is necessary.

What happens if the plan is successful?

Image Source: Appinventiv

If the plan of creating an alternate playstore is successful, we might soon see more developers creating better apps for the new store. India is a country with a big population, and if we can manage to create an alternative that is big enough, then even popular apps might put their apps in the new app store.

This will mean better revenue for developers, no monopoly in the Android side of things and most importantly India’s control over its digital economy. Being an engineer and an aspiring web/app developer, I hope the founders are able to execute the idea properly.

What are your thoughts on the same and will you be interested in using an Indian playstore? Do let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.




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