6 Best Ways On How To Start A Successful Instagram Business

Today Instagram is considered one of the most efficient platforms for businesses. It combines shopping and promotion features that make the connection with the potential buyers easier and faster, enhancing the whole selling process. Leadership on Instagram is a massive bonus to your business image because this network can drive unbelievable recognition for you. There are many strategies that work for businesses in any industry. In this article are gathered six of the most effective ones. Hurry to discover them!

A Note About Paid Services

It is no secret that buying stats for growth on social media is a controversial topic to discuss. But it seems to be an easy way to break in the competition and begin getting profit, so many businesses are looking towards purchasing stats. The significant mistake that beginners usually make is relying on the bare fact of purchase. To make it all work, you still have to put effort into launching and maintaining a decent promotion strategy that is targeted at the organic flow of users. It is easy to buy likes on buytoplikes.com but to make the investment truly useful, look for the six methods described below and organize an acceptable tactic to support your purchase. 

1. Get creative!

First of all, you must think out of the box. The competition rate is enormously high on Instagram, so you must think through what would be the surprise feature attracting users to you. Wow-factor can play a massive role in the establishment of your brand. The easiest way to create a fascinating account is to use product wrapping and design for your Instagram profile. Product design itself is a considerable attention gatherer, and if it is combined with mastered profile background, the effect would be stunning. Many marketing trends are changing, except one – people choose products with their eyes first. 

Some brands choose a similar color scheme for their account design, and others enhance the visuals of their products using contrasts. Either of these strategies can help gain likes, views, and growth on Instagram in general.

2. Wield Instagram Stories

Since the launch of this format in 2016, it has gained many fans among marketers. The idea of disappearing content has proven its power long ago, so you should not neglect it. Along with the function of saving Stories that you consider essential, this is an excellent instrument for engagement and profile growth. 

  • Stories are a good way to maintain your online presence because they are displayed at the top of the feed.
  • This form of content is great for highlighting your events and behind-the-scenes.
  • With Stories, you can try out new types of content, like stickers, filters, or live video.
  • Stories are a significant tool that is used for influencer marketing strategy.
  • There is an opportunity to promote specific stories and include hyperlinks you want to drive traffic to.
  • You can encourage user-generated content and reviews to be filmed in Stories and later repost it and Highlights as a review storage.
  • Highlights can also be used as a FAQ – they are located at the top of your profile, making critical information easily accessible.
3. Provide Exclusiveness

Among many tricks for growth on social media, there is one ultimately useful for businesses. To motivate your potential customers, you should offer something unique and worthy, so they want to put likes and subscribe to your profile in order not to miss anything from you. The easiest thing to offer is an exclusive discount for your followers. You can make it a contest and achieve two goals at once – create more sales and increase your stats. The primary condition for users to follow is to subscribe, or like your latest post, or tag one or two friends under your post, and so on, depending on what you need to improve. Set the date of the contest and enjoy gathering your statistics. But don’t forget to bring solid prizes for your winners, so people don’t get disappointed in the results. Settling such contests from time to time is a good practice that helps to strengthen the connection between your brand and the customers. 

4. Use Instagram As A Communication Tool

This is the ultimate power of social media, and if you want to reach success, you have to master it. Besides, communication with users on social media is a piece of cake, especially if you have a skilled administrator who can provide satisfactory customer service. Ensure you have settled all possible channels for reaching out to you – direct messages, contacts list, comment section, etc. You have to be ready for swift answers during your busy day, but don’t forget to mention your working hours, so people won’t be trying to reach you while you aren’t attentive. Robotic answers aren’t suitable for this platform, so you have to maintain a friendly and more personalized tone with your subscribers. 

Instagram gives you many opportunities to communicate with your followers:

  • Stories. You can interact with your audience using polls and questionnaires or creating a guesser to entertain your followers.
  • Regular feed posts. That’s where you can promote your products and offer topics to discuss with your followers in comments, alongside deploying basic information about the product.
  • Live. That’s where you can communicate directly with your audience. Get people to know you through Live and be a speaker for your brand.
5. Reveal More Than Just Product

Nowadays, to win the audience’s attention, a brand has to connect with consumers with something bigger than just a product. The competition is high, so users have a wider choice. It is hard to impress your potential customers solely with the quality of your items. And that’s why social media are an excellent tool for empowering your connection with the audience – here you can tell more. Here are the most important topics that can interest your followers and provide you more likes & sales:

  • The corporate ethic of the company. Show how your employees are treated and what policy you follow in your business. 
  • Ecological initiatives. Today, consumerism is a threat to nature in a certain sense. Reveal how your business wants to improve the production and product quality and help nature.
  • Social position. Today it is hard to stay away from social movements and societal issues. And you don’t have to. Many brands offer sponsorship and collaborate with social organizations to make our world a better place to live.
  • Humanize your company. Become the face of your brand, and share your experience and inspiration with your audience. Be someone to who people can reach out to and make them feel free to do so. 
6. Nail The Technicalities

Along with creativity and inspiration, promotion on Instagram requires a strong knowledge of technical details pushing your growth. Understand the ranking of the platform. Instagram is a rather complex system that categorizes your content and selects it to show. There are technical factors that impact it:

  • Regularity and timing of your uploads
  • Hashtags
  • Location mark
  • Likes and views number
  • User activity in comments
  • Clicks on your Ads, etc.

You never will get complete control over the ranking algorithm, but keeping up with the factors described above will increase your chances. To make the process easier for you, you can hire an SEO professional who will consult you on the most efficient strategy for your brand. 


There is no universal recipe that would bring any brand to success. But with the tips above, you can organize your activity for maximum productivity and concentrate on essential things. Running a business on Instagram is not so easy, but this venture is very fruitful if you choose the right strategy. 

Nowadays, users are looking not only for high-quality products, but they also want to feel the connection with the chosen brand – like vegan-friendly production or Fair Trade ethics. And if they find such features on your ig, you can be sure that you will find loyal followers and, eventually, customers.