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6 Tips To Get More Views On Your YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube is without a doubt the number one video streaming service available these days. There are a number of individuals that have become stars by getting noticed on the exalted streaming service. That being said YouTube has changed over the years. The funny cat and dog videos are no longer dominating the market and if you want to make it to the top of the viewing list, you need to take the right approach. Below, you will learn how you can get more YouTube views.


Compelling Content


Viewers want content these days. Not just any content, but content that is compelling to them. You can use as many hacks or ads as you want, but if you don’t have compelling content, you simply aren’t going to get views. Identify with your audience and give them what they are looking for in spades.


Get Subscribers


Have you ever heard the saying, “Your biggest viewing assets are going to be the viewers that come back?” This pretty much means that you need to repeat viewers just as much as you need new viewers. There is no better way to rack up your daily views than by getting people to subscribe to your channel.


Consider Boosting Yourself Up


YouTube can be like social media in many aspects. People are usually only interested in what’s popular or trending. This sometimes makes it hard for new videos or accounts to get recognized. People are only interested in videos that are already attracting mass amounts of views. However, this is where buying viewers come in handy. When you buy viewers from quality providers, you are getting non-drop youtube views that will boost the popularity of your account.


Create Playlists


Did you know that people on YouTube that create playlists draw 25% more attention? Do you know why this is? It simply has to do with auto-play. It takes a lot of effort to draw one’s attention away from videos when they are enjoying content that is just playing for hours and hours on end. This basically goes back to an old cognitive bias known as loss aversion. Loss aversion basically theorizes that it is the pain of losing something that is twice as bad as they please received from gaining something of equal value. For instance, people will work harder to keep their money as compared to gaining more money.


Use End Screens And Cards


Cards and end screens are two excellent tools that can help you draw more views. An end screen is a dedicated frame that can be placed at the end of your videos and allows you to highlight calls-to-actions. Cards are nifty to as they allow you to set pop-ups that will be displayed during your video.


Add Watermarks


Watermarks are another unique tool that can help you gain viewers. This tool is basically what you would imagine. It is something that you can set to appear on all your videos. Most people or companies will use their specific brand’s logo. This helps draw recognition and when viewers hover over the watermark it promotes them to subscribe.

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