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6 ways Tech will help you achieve your business goals

Technology has changed the way we do things in the office. Most major businesses are using it to transform the way they do business. What’s more – global spending on software development by small businesses worldwide reached $3360 billion in 2019. That comes to show that tech advancements aren’t just reserved for enterprises but can be beneficial for all brands. 


Out of all the technologies available today, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are the top technologies used. The reasons for that are various. For instance, using the right technology won’t just save time and money, it will also help your employees and increase efficiency. Thus, using the right one can get daily processes to be streamlined and tasks to run smoothly.


But that’s just the beginning. Here are a few extra ways you can use technology for your business.   

Increase Productivity

You can use a lot of tech for increasing your business’s overall productivity. Productivity apps help with time management, goal completion, and tracking deadlines. You can execute strategies, process data and monitor progress through these tools. 


Product management is also becoming easier thanks to tools like Jira, which allows building, reviewing, and assessing tasks. They can also help manage workflow. Product management apps ensure accountability and responsibility among employees and increase visibility. 


The advantages of using productivity apps are that workplace distractions are low, and you can assign the software to do repetitive tasks. By doing so, the quality of work is improved. 


Focusing on Core competencies 

Software Outsourcing provides end-to-end software solutions that free up time to focus on core competencies. Through Software as a Service (SaaS), you can take advantage of new technologies like cloud, AI, etc. Most vendors who provide SaaS also help you use different hardware and software combinations that can be accessed online. For example, BairesDev, a nearshore application development company, that provides smart customization and full-cycle software development.  


SaaS software is easy to use, can be customized for individual needs, and doesn’t require you to upgrade manually. SaaS software is cost-effective, and vendors also provide continuous support. That all comes together in a significant advantage – you don’t have to worry about digital infrastructure, which leaves you more time to work on your key business activities. 

Easier Communication and ease of collaboration

Smartphones and communication apps have made it easier to collaborate with different teams. People can have real-time interaction through communication apps.  A software vendor can be onsite, off-site, or even nearshore and could still easily connect with the client on a day-to-day basis. Working together is easier than ever with desktop sharing apps.


You can do conferencing through Facetime, Whatsapp calls, etc, regardless of time zones and location. Remote support and connecting to experienced professionals have become easy, thanks to software like Slack, Slideshare, Google Groups, Adobe ConnectNow and more. They all lead to better project management and a unified team.


Through all of them, raising requests, asking leaves, and requesting changes have become easy. Employees can connect to managers, leaders, and even the CEO of your company. 

Cost Management  

Controlling costs and increasing profits is the primary concern for virtually all businesses. Fortunately, tech can help with that, too. Apps can be used to track time and progress, hence making sure the work is getting completed on time. This helps in increasing the number of profitable tasks that are completed on a daily basis. 


Since repetitive tasks can be done by software, applications can be used to do stuff like salary payment, scheduling shifts, and billing.  Automating tasks reduces manual intervention and the final results are more accurate than the manual process. It saves resources, training costs, and time. 



You can use tech to manage your security. There are many solutions that you can use. 


  • Hardware and Software encryption can be used for data protection.
  • Asset tracking and monitoring can be used for tagging and location software.
  • Facial recognition and fingerprint scanning for secure access to a system. Most people are now using mobile devices for “locking” their data too. Locking adds another layer of security to it. You can remotely lock and unlock your system. And then, you can only close it through your smartphone, which itself is secured by a pin, fingerprint, etc. 
  • Bank apps for transactions are safer than conventional methods. Two-factor authentication, along with secure device login makes it even better. 
  • A password manager can be used for securing your accounts. Instead of using easy word combinations that can be cracked by brute force attacks, a password manager will log in to the system using a secure, uncrackable passcode.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) 

CRM software is used to manage customer information. CRM software helps you store all the information about your clients, their organizational structure, hierarchy, and all necessary details about them to better conduct your business.


74% of users say that CRM has improved their access to customer data. Actionable data can come in handy in case of emergency deals/meetings. It also maintains a central database that can be accessed by anyone. A good CRM software development solution has other advantages too, such as meeting scheduler, calendar synchronization, and conference call option.


There is a direct impact of using technology in your business. Businesses who don’t use technologies lose to those who leverage the best technology available in the market. Companies can increase productivity, efficiency and cost management by applying technology into their workplace. That’s why most major companies are contracting with software development companies for the best possible solution. 


At the same time, you shouldn’t put too much technology into your business. After all, all software solutions have a licensing and training cost. Using too much technology can also overwhelm your workforce. As a business owner, you should search for smart, efficient solutions that will gain you maximum benefits. 



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