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7 Best PAC and PLC Controllers for Industrial Machines

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) are the most efficient industrial computer devices that are designed and developed to assists manufacturing operations. It is often regarded as the brain of the manufacturing process as they efficiently control automation processes/equipment with high reliability. 

PLC and PAC are similar as both have standard features and functionalities, which have been developed over the years. While PLC has been around for more than four decades, recent advancements in technology have obscured the lines between both controlling pieces of equipment.

Advance Applications Of PAC and PLC

PLC has in-built networks enabling it to communicate between multiple PLCs, I/Os and human-machine interfaces, and SCADA systems (or Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition). In contrast, PAC is incorporated with modular design open architecture use for communicating, monitoring, and controlling equipment covering multiple networks and devices.

While PLC applications are perfect for high-speed and straightforward machine controlling, PACs have ideal applications for large-scale automation projects and operations. It is because they differ in architecture, enabling them for different operations.

Depending upon functionality, programming, memory, process modules, and various other parameters, you can choose PLC and PAC controllers for various applications.


7 Best PLC and PAC Controllers

  • Modicon TSX Micro

Modicon TSX Micro is a compact modular PLC with up to I/O of 484, which is mainly used in machines, manufacturing controls, and infrastructures. Modicon TSX Micro offers benefits like flexibility and increased productivity. A low-cost response to market constraints, this PLC solution offers machine manufacturers the diversity and modularity required to maximize expertise.

  • EcoStructure Machine Expert

It is a unique solution software for developing, configuring, and commissioning the entire machine in a single software environment, including motion control, logic, human-machine interface, and relative network automation processes. It helps improve performance and efficiency with flexibility and scalability.  Another benefit of EcoStructure Machine Expert is that it helps save engineering time by applying complete libraries and a new machine module.

  • PL7

PL7 software has been designed to develop your premium and micro control system applications. It offers a variety of features like re-utilization of DFBs, multiple language options, predefined functions, code animation, application, and data debugging. It is a simple, high-performance PLC controller. The application area of PL7 includes machines, manufacturing control, and infrastructure.

  • Logic Controller – Modicon M221

With minimal installation and versatility, Modicon M221 offers best-in-class performance. It is a next-gen intuitive solution from Schneider Electric for machine automation with in-built features and functions that helps improve the machine cycle. This flexible and scalable machine control allows quick upgrade to a higher performance platform for improved efficacy. It can be connected everywhere through ethernet, wireless access, or web servers to simplify machine integration and upkeep.

  • Modicon X80 I/Os

X80 family control incorporates the standard compatible modules for Quantum Ethernet I/O drop and M340 PLC, including the M340 form factor. Modicon X80 I/Os includes all rack-in modules, power supply, communication module, expert module, Ethernet RIO module drop head, and all I/O modules. It helps reduce training and maintenance costs with unique training features for different PACs. Various areas of its application include OEM processes, infrastructure, automotive, building, MMM, WWW, and energy.

  • Modicon M171/M172

An ideal controller for HVAC solutions, Modicon M171/M172, is part of EcoStructure automation architecture, which is available in a variety of controllers. It offers more flexibility, choice of connectivity, sustainability, and efficiency. Where M171 is ideal for compact commercial machines, M172 is an ideal choice for BMS-connected machines.

  • Modicon MC80

Modicon MC80 is a powerful and cost-effective PLC controller for commercial machines. It offers optimal high-end functionality in a compact box that perfectly fits the requirements of a solar plant purpose. Its operational intelligence allows access to data remotely through embedded ethernet while also offers reliability and accuracy for accommodating the algorithms of the sun’s positions. Areas of function include Thermo solar and other solar applications.


PLC and PAC controllers differ slightly in functionality, features, and capabilities. It is crucial to ensure that the best controller is used for your machine’s operations to achieve the required efficiency. Make sure to contact professionals of this field for selecting the best PLC and PAC controllers for industrial and commercial applications.



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