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Online Casinos Fully Embracing AI

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, yet when implemented properly we nearly never know it. Rarely is this as true as it is with online casino gaming, where almost all facets of the experience benefit in some way from AI. Taking a look at some examples, we want to examine how deep the AI well runs, and why it’s so crucial to this enormous industry.

Keeping the Casino Safe

As they work directly with large sums of money, online casinos have a vested interest in keeping their accounts and business safe. On their side, one of the biggest potential risks they run can found in casino offers and promotions. By giving players the ability to collect free spins and deposit matches, there exists the possibility that the casinos might be taken advantage of.

To counter this, the developers of online casinos use AI to compare patterns on how real players versus other forms of cheating artificial intelligence might engage. For example, if a player who collects bonuses goes on to play a strict pattern of spins with inhuman regularity or speed, AI can detect and ban them before any harm is caused.

Protecting Players

A similar form of AI checks is put in place for brute-forcing player passwords and user-names. Unlike a human who would have to make individual guesses, a program developed for the task of hacking could try thousands of different passwords in a minute. By using AI, casinos can detect these attempts, and block incoming traffic from a set range of IPs to prevent unauthorized access. In essence, this is using AI to counter AI, a task that mere humans could never take on alone.

DDoS” (CC BY 2.0) by EpicTop10.com

On the gaming front, AI works to ensure that each piece of software is both fair and glitch-free. Programming a slot game might be simple in theory, but in reality, complications can arise through unexpected player input or extended periods of use. A failure in this department could lose a player their prize, which is not great for anyone involved.

Artificial intelligence testing systems can work to run games through thousands of rounds, testing every possible combination of bets and outcomes. Such an approach might be theoretically possible with human hands, but doing this manually would take hundreds or thousands of times as long. Testing on this front can even extend to different systems, to ensure no changes occur over different PC or mobile setups.

Enhancing the Experience

The final major use for AI in online casinos comes from their ability to better tailor or customize the experience. By analyzing player patterns, modern AI can recommend or better shape the casino to suit the individual player. This works in a similar way to how Netflix algorithms work, in seeing what you like, and giving you something along the same lines.

Artificial Intelligence, AI” (CC BY 2.0) by mikemacmarketing

The Invisible Friend

As a part of online casinos, AI is a fundamental component of what makes the current industry possible. Without it, websites would be small, choices would be limited, and safety would be a constant concern. You might not know it, but in AI you always have a robotic friend working behind the scenes to make your experience better.



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