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7 Corporate Team-Building Activities & Outing Ideas Everyone Will Enjoy

To succeed in your business, your team is crucial. With collective teamwork, you can easily attain any milestone and achieve what you want in your business. From smooth operation to the attainment of your business goals, your teammates are your true friend. 


As a business owner or team manager, you need to enhance the bond among your employees when you notice a lack of it. For this, you can engage your employees in team building activities and take them for an outing. Here are some ideas that you can follow: 


  1. An off-campus day 

Your staff gets bored or has a lack of interests in work when they work for an extended period without a long break/holiday. They have such a feeling even being at the same place for a more extended period. To bring freshness in them, you can arrange an outing for them during a holiday or weekend. 


If you select a holiday for an outing, you should choose the place that you can use as per your outing requirements. Suppose that you have decided to take your teammates to an outing during Christmas. You can decorate the place by using customized labels and ornaments. From decoration to other allied works, ask your employees to help each other. Further, you can take your team to a museum, zoo, or botanical park for some refreshment. 


  1. What’s my name? 

Some of you might have heard the name or played this game before. You will have a better output if you ask your employees to participate in this game on a larger scale. 


In this game, you can assign a name of a dead or live person to each participant. Write the name on the body parts such as the head, palm, and arm of the participants so that the written names can easily be visible to others. After that, ask the participants to get divided into 2-4 groups and help each other to recall about the assigned names. When a team asks a few questions about an assigned name, the members of another team will help each other to guess the answer. While playing the game, your employees will earn helping each other to be a winner and will have unlimited fun.


  1. A cleaning challenge 

You can organize a cleaning challenge to enhance the bond among your employees. For this challenge, you can select your workspace or a local park and divide it into two or more parts. Ask your employees to get divided into the groups equal to the divided workspace or park parts. Further, ask all the participants to get equipped with the requisite items and be in their own parts. Ask them to start cleaning the assigned part in a fixed time and give a prize to the team that wins the cleaning challenge.  .


  1. Outing for cocktail and allied things    

For refreshment, you can take your employees out for a cocktail party at a pub or bar with no restrictions on drinking and smoking. Try to select the bar that offers self or group service and where bartenders only guide your employees to find the tobacco pipes or wine bottles of their choice. With the facility of self or group serving service, you can help your people to work in a team. 


  1. Cook off 

Every office or company has a small to medium pantry. You can use this pantry for your team building activities. Make the things that are currently not present available in your office pantry. Ask your employees to cook their favorite meals. In cooking a dish better and faster, your employees will share their ideas on their favorite meals and decide what to do. They will help each other in preparing ingredients and cooking the selected dishes. 


  1. Craft making

You can ask your employees to make something interesting in arts and crafts. And you can keep a prize for the groups that come the first, second, and third. For this, you can divide your employees 4-5 small groups and ask them to make art pieces within a set time. To be the winner, the members of each team will help each other. Their teamwork will help them to do better.


  1. Karaoke Night 

To increase the bond in your employees, ask them for something new and different. Signing some karaoke would be a better and ideal option here. You can reward the best performing team. Identify if you have cowboys or feather boas who hate getting involved. It will be an enjoyable and excellent team building activity if you have a maximum number of extroverts. Make a list of such persons and ask them to participate in this. They will be cooperative to each other to make their team win the contest. 



You will come across numerous ideas when you move ahead for organizing team building activities or plan an outing for your employees. Use your creative mind and take the support of the internet to know more ideas or use the ideas mentioned in this write-up to increase the bond among your staff.   



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