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7 ways to make your life easier with smart speakers

Smart speakers are now becoming the new must-have appliance in every home. Even while writing this article, I am listening to music on my echo-dot. These devices not only provide a fun experience to use but also makes our lives a lot easier. Let’s talk about 7 ways to make your life easier with smart speakers.

1) Having a smart alarm

Smart speakers

Image Source: The Verge

If you are getting a smart speaker, then you don’t need an alarm clock anymore or set it up on your phone for that matter. Just command the speaker to get you up at so and so time tomorrow and you are set. You can select from a variety of tones, and the best part is, you have to get up and click a button to stop the alarm. Never be late again!

2) Control appliances in your house

Image Source: Cnet

Almost asleep, but have to get up to turn off the night bulb? Well, I am quite sure it might have happened to everyone at least once. But, now it won’t be a problem again. While getting a smart speaker, get some intelligent bulbs too, pair them up and boom. Never get up again to turn off the lights.

3) Replace your photo frames with digital ones

Smart speakers

Image Source: The Verge

If you are willing to this, then you have to invest a little more on a smart speaker+ display like the amazon echo show 5. Now, you can change up your photo frames daily digitally(you see what I did there). The trouble of manually changing photo frames will be a thing of the past now.

4) Make your old speakers smart

Image Source: Engadget

If you have high-quality speakers and really enjoy listening to them, then a smart speaker is the perfect way to make them better. You can connect your old speakers to the smart device using a 3.5mm jack, and now they can play anything you want on your command.

5) Control your Tv

Image Source: CNet

Why should you use your remote when you can command your TV to play your favourite shows? Just connect your smart speaker to your smart TV and never use your TV remote again. To take it to another level, use a smart plug to turn the TV on and off is also an excellent idea.

6) Smart calling

Smart Speakers

Image Source: PCMag

Suppose your friends and family are geeky like you then they might also have a smart speaker. Most smart speakers work very well between each other for calling and texting. So, you don’t need to pick up your phone to call again at least while you are at home. If you have a smart display, then you can also experience excellent video calls.

7) Listen to Radio and podcasts

Smart speakers

Image Source: PcMag

Well, if you would love to go old-school with a smart speaker then yes you can. Listen to your favourite podcasts and radio stations on your speaker and get the ultimate media experience.

So, that was some of the ways you can make the most out of your smart speakers. If you have any creative idea, do tell us in the comments below. Also, if you have a friend or someone in your family who uses a smart speaker only to listen to music, then share this article with them.



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