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How to Keep Kids Safe Online

Internet is blessing or a curse each any reasonably content will a quest by user. several youngsters square measure assured that they use web safety however somehow failed to fathom the consequence of their actions that’s why youngsters square measure targeted by cyber bullies. Mobile location hunter is best to manage these problems. 


internet is beneficial child’s however once they will use it for analysis reports communicate with lecturers and alternative category fallows however on-line access to each kid main be in risk victimization totally different apps and websites wherever youngsters square measure in reality have several Predator parachutes tuned in to their youngsters activities. There square measure several tips that keeping your youngsters safe one in the entire simplest telephone hunter. The FamiSafe app is a best mobile location tracker lets you keep track of your kids. This is often tough to safe your youngsters properly to be used of the net however if you’ve got parental management on your kid’s laptop you see all activity of your child. 


To health check on kid is very important as a result of their square measure immense quantity of predator’s square measure on-line United Nations agency track your kid with cell phone tracker. There also are abundant sexual content, graphics content, or the transfer inappropriate sites and absences and rather than this some malware infection areas conjointly have an effect on computers.

Use of FamiSafe app 


FamiSafe could be a reliable Parental management app that’s helpful for folks to manage on child’s phones.  This app is employed to trace your child’s location. Famisafe use to watch your kid activity


This app conjointly used for monitor the tablet’s iPad iPhone robot there’s no want of any gaolbreak or growing device to trace your child’s device. The foremost and powerful feature is to trace your child’s location.

Here is that the transfer link


Web Filters 

There square measure several solutions to seem at your child’s activities. FamiSafe provides several net filters to oldsters

Filter the websites

Controlling a toddler there square measure many filters that’s provided by FamiSafe use of famine filter web site square measure looking on totally different classes some classes conjointly embody violence

 Block the apps


Parents ought to block the precise as that they believe that they’re not productive safe for his or her kid website they need a whole lock for all   apps

 Record the activity

FamiSafe conjointly a very important activity of your kid this website conjointly track your kid phone

 Check daily activities

FamiSafe website assist you to see on your kid  it conjointly appears like a phone hunter wherever is Children’s go you recognize regarding their activity folks ought to provide you with a timeline of your child’s

 Uninstall the app’s hunter

Can also see the apps that kids has put in or Associate in nursing put in desi warns your child.

Detect suspicious pictures


Also helps folks to find pictures that’s keep in their phone folks if instead message once they open any wrong website

 Observance group action

Parents ought to set the social network their friend these Specialists also are out there for following your iPhone

Mobile Support


You can check your child’s location at any time or from anywhere.

Track time period location

It is a strong prayer and management computer code that has you to trace your chat with none decision and text. This app provides you the applying of your kid at a particular time


 See location history

Also, keep the history of your kid visiting places this feature conjointly helps you to know your child’s behavior and interest.

 Set the geophones 

This helps you to receive a notification once your kid arrives Associate in nursing leaves are going to be alerted once your kid   enters an unsafe zone

 Manage screen time app

This App helps you to manage your kid and assist you to grasp regarding what quantity your kid hung out in an exceedingly bound app or in mobile phones

Monitor screen time

Also, receive an in depth within fauna what quantity time is unfinished in an exceedingly day week or month in screen conjointly apprehend within which time your kid square measure most active

Fashion screen time

You can conjointly use the child’s mobile. you’ll be able to set totally different restrictions on the day of the week once time is  finished the device mechanically disables may also set restricted time for specific apps


The solution ire

  • You ought to keep a watch on your child’s activity.
  • You ought to at home with the net and fathom that website is nice or not
  • Parents ought to pay time with their kid what they will do and can’t do on-line
  • Parents ought to teach their kid to don’t use or post personal info on-line
  • Parents ought to raise youngsters to use social networking
  • Parents ought to check often regarding their web use of their child’s


The professionals of FamiSafe square measure

  • It monitors the YouTube videos conjointly
  • It gave the notification to a toddler with geofencing
  • It tracks the photos and conjointly alerts the fogeys


There square measure some cons of the utilization of FamiSafe

  1. This is often not add desktop
  2. Location following and browser history also are out there on robot.


FamiSafe is god app for net filtering and also the main feature is geofencing that assist you to trace your child’s location and each activity. However generally it conjointly alerts the fogeys for offensive words. FamiSafe is cheap for anyone for the protection of your kid.

Download the FamiSafe app from Google playstoreApp Store / Amazon. Or just simply visithttps://famisafe.wondershare.com/ to have a quick Download.



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