8 Best Ways to Reach Your Target Audience

It is imperative that you hit the bulls-eye when promoting a particular product or an item. Making so much effort and then having nothing to show for it would hurt a lot.

You need to work your way up the promotion ladder by doing proper research. Reaching the target audience on Instagram requires extensive research and we’ve got you covered in that area.  

1. Use Proper Hashtags

Source: Freepik 
Source: Freepik 

This is one of the major steps that needs to be followed. Hashtags are primary for every social media platform now. You can see daily hashtags of big multinationals either for a recent product or a promoted one which needs advertising.  

It depends upon the product as to what sort of hashtag you need to promote it and make it reach a wider audience. Use of a trendy hashtag or a creative hashtag goes a long way in garnering interest in the product and attracting the targeted audience. 

Make your captions more readable and catchy with a combination of trendy hashtags and using line breaking on Instagram.

Make the most of a popular trend and then find a way to incorporate that with your product’s hashtag or just combine the two.

2. Use the Polls System

If you already have a loyal following or a targeted audience then make use of the polls system. That is probably the best way to know the mood of your followers or the things they want from the product you are trying to advertise. 

Put up a poll in your story and make your followers vote for the options you have created to know what exactly they are looking for. 

3. Use and Hire Proper Influencers

Source: Freepik 
Source: Freepik 

Being Influencers is the “IT” profession in the current world. Find the right influencers who match the product you’re trying to advertise and align with them. There are various ways you can find the correct influencers.  

  • Search for hashtags that are similar to your products and try to find the influencers who are promoting those products. These influencers will always use those hashtags to widen the reach of those products and you can do similar things by hiring them and advertising your own products via them. 
  • Discover influencers by going through influencer discovery platforms. One of the best platforms for discovering influencers is Influence.co. Once you reach the homepage, then search the keyword that your product is related to and the site will provide you with info on the exact influencers you need to connect to.

Once you hire an influencer then ask them to:

  • Use the product and have them give you their review of the product.
  • Ask them to advertise and promote your products in their posts and stories. 
  • You can ask the influencers to take over your account for a specific amount of time and maybe even do a giveaway of your product to garner more interest in your product. 
  • Urge them to make their followers use the product for a chance to meet up. 

Influencers with proper incentives will make a huge impact on your products among their followers and may even reach a wider audience.

4. Use Analytic Data 

Source: Freepik 
Source: Freepik 

Analytic data is used from Sports to Business to Food industry and many more. Analytic data will show what exactly you need and want. Use the analytic data to see what’s trending and how it’s trending. 

You can gather information as to what will help you in generating more engagement with your targeted audience and followers. 

Get a proper breakdown of the data required to generate engagement via the analytic data, one such site that we would recommend is the SproutSocial website. 

You can use these sites to determine what can set your product apart from the competition as well as what can get you the most engagement. These sites are specialized in such situations. Take their help and make your product unique and keep your competition away.  

5. See What the Competitors Are up To

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, eh? Always keep an eye out for your competitors and see what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. The truth always lies somewhere between those likes and the comments. 

Go through the comments and see what satisfies their followers and also what they want from their product and see if you can improve on it and give it to them and pry them away from your competitors. 

6. Create Content That Is Sharable

This is weighted advice. Content is key. Create content that connects with your audience straight away. Make the content funny, humourous, and to the point. 

Considering most of the audience on Instagram is young it may be a good idea to release or post content that they connect with. Add memes or funny posts regularly to reel them in and also make it all about your product so that whenever they see the post it takes them to your product eventually. 

7. Make Use of Current Trends

Researching the latest trend is pretty easy on Instagram. Just search for the latest trend, go to the search page, and see what is trending. 

See the hashtags, reels, posts, and stories on them and you get the idea about what people are posting about. Make sure you incorporate all of that in your own posts. 

Make smart posts with current trends and if done right chances are you might be able to get scores of followers and engagement yourself. 

8. Create a Buyer Persona

Self-evaluation is important too. You may already know your targeted audience, you may also have a good amount of loyal followers. 

These followers are already a fan of your product, you can then ask yourself what more can you do to improve the standard of your product or collect the data of the shoppers as to what and how exactly are they buying the product for. 

It is key to know the demographic of your followers as well and then work on your product accordingly. Better engagement with your followers and their know-how creates better products. Always remember that.  


We hope that this blog helps you connect with the right audience. By following the above-mentioned steps, we are sure you will get a boost in your product visibility, and gradually the sales too!