9 Most Bizarre Startup ideas/founders on Shark Tank India Season One

Many entrepreneurs have benefited from Shark Tank India, which has resulted in large investments for their businesses and new concepts. Not only that, but it has been a steep learning curve for aspiring entrepreneurs to understand how a start-up is developed.

However, we can’t help but admit that there were some very weird ideas that either made us laugh or left us completely bewildered. Here are the 9 most bizarre startup ideas/founder on Shark Tank India Season One.

Poo-De-Cologne (India’s first pre-toilet spray)

Poo De Cologne is a toilet spray brand that made an appearance in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 21. Its founder, Aditi Sodhi, has sought Shark Tank India for 75 lakhs in exchange for a 5 percent stake in her company. According to the founder, this Poo De Cologne product is India’s first toilet spray and contains 100 percent pure essential oil. This item is available on Amazon and Flipkart.

Monikered 'Poop Queen' of India, sales surge by 800% after being featured on Shark Tank India - IssueWire
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This may not appear unusual, but because there are now other low-cost alternatives on the market, the judges were unwilling to invest in a product that had already been done at a considerably lower cost. The sharks, on the other hand, decided to pass on this one.

Sippline Drinking Shields

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Sippline Drinking Shields’ portable glass attachment was a pitch that made Ashneer Grover lose his cool. A glass rim cover was made by the participant. The product was marketed as a “must-have” in a post-Covid world where everyone is trying to be careful and cautious about their hygiene habits. It’s simply a protective plastic cover that may be attached to the side of a person’s glass.

Gol Nabhi : Belly Button Shaper

Nagpur’s Baldev Jumnani and Jayshree Jumnani presented the funniest yet strangest product ever. Baldev began by inquiring about the Sharks’ fantasies. The Sharks were taken aback by the question.   He unveiled his invention, the Belly-Button Shaper, or Gol Nabhi.

Bizarre Products On Shark Tank India
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The man created a device that, according to reports, gives you a round and deep belly button. To laugh, Ashneer Grover and Aman Gupta covered their faces. In addition, Baldev and Jayshree hired a belly dancer to promote the product.

Gopal’s 56 : Fiber Ice Cream

Gopal’s 56 established an ice cream business. It is the first ice cream firm to offer fiber-rich ice creams in a variety of flavours, including ayurvedic. While listening to the pitch, the judges were eating ice cream. But, all of a sudden, they had to forsake it. The ice cream that’s the problem; it’s the pitch. Gaurav Goyal requested Rs 300 crore in exchange for 25% equity. This values the company at roughly Rs 1,200 crore.

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Gaurav did not obtain any funding as a result of the huge demand. So, in this example, a bad pitch ruined the entire mood.

Julaa Automation’s Automatic Cradle

The automatic cradle from Julaa Automation costs Rs 1 lakh. As well as the developers spent Rs 25 lakh to create the one-of-a-kind model. The model can swing autonomously and send signals to parents based on the child’s activity.

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Even the most affluent will be perplexed as to why this jhula costs Rs 1 lakh. As the judges remarked, there are many alternative swings available on the market that can function automatically at a reasonable price.

Twee in One

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Shark Tank was approached by an Nriti Sehgal who proposed the concept of “twee-in-one” clothing. The clothing in the collection can be worn in two different ways. Ashneer Grover slammed the costumes and recommended the entrepreneur to close her shop. A Tween In One outfit isn’t exactly a game changer, but Tween In One missed the mark by making clothes that was woefully deficient in design.

SID07 Designs

SID07 Designs (Siddarth Gupta) on Shark Tank India Update
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SID07 Designs is a company that creates unique items that solve challenges in everyday living. At the time of the pitch, the founders had 11 inventions, three of which were patented. In the previous year, their revenue was 14 lakhs.

A Drilling duster and a portable Cup were two of the key objects on display. They can also be found on Amazon India. A bag holder was also shown.While pointing out how the invention was not original, Shark Vineeta Singh mentioned that she had the same bag holder with her.

The request was for Rs. 47 lakhs in exchange for a 10% stake in the company. Entrepreneur want funds for other ideas as well as shark expertise to help his firm develop.

However, it was not the pitcher’s lucky day. Ashneer pushed him hard by informing him that he could easily obtain these things from the roadside market in Nehru Place, Delhi. Aman and Vineeta, too, did not think these inventions were valuable.

Finally, shark Peyush Bansal concluded the deal for 25 lakhs for 75 percent equity and the remaining 22 lakhs in debt.

Aglio e Olio Maggi

Belly Button Shaper to Glass Mask: 5 Most Bizarre Pitches on Shark Tank India
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Hungry Head, founded by Rahul Daga and Arpit Kabra, distributes maggi in 80 distinct types, including pizza maggi, burger maggi, and pani puri maggi. Although their food tastes good, it is not something that can be turned into a delivery business, as the sharks recognised and communicated to the two. Even the most distant locations sell maggi and benefit from tourism, but Hungry Head’s maggi offers nothing of interest to the judges. Ashneer concurs, claiming that even in rural places, sales are doubled.

Green Protein

Green Protein is a plant-based protein beverage brand that debuted on Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 34. The creators of this company, Madhvi Datwani, Parag Khimani, and Parigna Thorat, have approached Shark Tank India for 60 lakhs in exchange for a 2% stake in their company.

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It creates plant-based vegan, cruelty-free, and delicious protein products. Because it is critical for an athlete to consume the appropriate amount of protein, many fitness enthusiasts conduct research before consuming protein. They have two products: Sport and Regular. Ashneer was concerned about the black currant being overly sweet, or “poori cheeni,” as he described it, while Aman couldn’t bring himself to drink the glass he was handed, even making faces.