9 Ways to use ChatGPT for boosting your Microsoft excel game

The AI chatbot ChatGPT from OpenAI can converse with you and help with specific queries or tasks. Since ChatGPT is still in its early stages of development, it is free. Although this tool already has some fantastic capabilities, it is being further extended and improved throughout this early phase. Interestingly, with ChatGPT, people using excel can simplify their work. Let’s know more about how ChatGPT can become useful while working on Microsoft Excel.

9 cool ways to use ChatGPT in Microsoft Excel 


Most of us have to calculate the total of a column very frequently. For instance, if you have sales data up to this point, you should instantly know the entire amount in the column representing the sales value up to this point. You could see the complete sum immediately, or you could want it as a formula in a different cell. There are several ways to calculate the sum manually or use the insert function of Microsoft Excel. But let’s give it a try to ChatGPT this time. All you need to do is write a simple question on the ChatGPT asking you to calculate the total number of cells or numbers you want. The ChatGPT will provide you with the formal need, and you are all set with the calculation.




2.Calculating Profit or Loss

Whatever type of small business you operate, you should understand bookkeeping principles, including how to compute profit and loss in Excel. You will have a clearer idea of your next course of action if you know to monitor your company’s finances. However, Microsoft Excel provides you with the formula, but ChatGPT makes it easier. You can calculate the profit for your revenue just by adding the formula that ChatGPT provides you. 




3.Left and Find

The LEFT function is one of the many useful ones that Microsoft Excel offers for working with text data. As its name implies, the method enables you to extract a predetermined amount of characters from a text string beginning on the left side. Excel LEFT, nevertheless, is considerably more versatile than it appears to be. You can ask ChatGPT to write the formula to find your desired character. With the provided formula, you can find your desired number or name from the huge data on Microsoft excel. This can help extract names from the data or the mail id provided in the sheet.

4. Unique Count with ChatGPT

By utilising the ChatGPT formula, get the total number of distinct values. The formula disregards text and zero values. This function returns a value equal to how often a particular value has appeared before for the first time. The Unique Count metric indicates a column’s number of distinct (unique) values. Not counting are empty values. The unique counts for columns A and B in the table below are two and three, respectively.


5. Macro

An action or collection of actions can be recorded, named, stored, and executed as often as necessary and whenever desired using an Excel macro. We can automate repetitive data manipulation and reporting processes that need to be done repeatedly by using macros. ChatGPT can make that easier for you. You can command ChatGPT to create the formula, and you are all set to go there.

6. Average Percentage 

If you have a column of data and wish to get the average per cent return for only positive values, leaving out the top two values in the series, then do so. Ask Chat GPT, and it will provide the equation. 

7. Index Match

Consider the situation where you have a list of office location numbers and need to know who works in each office. Given the size of the spreadsheet, you could assume that it is a difficult assignment. With a lookup function, it’s fairly simple to accomplish. But while using the ChatGPT, you can command it with the request, and it will provide you with the desired formula.


8. Counting Number of Words with ChatGPT

Excel doesn’t offer a function that allows you to quickly count the words in a document (like Word does). But is it still feasible to learn the answer? Yes, it is possible with the help of ChatGPT. Type the questions, and ChatGPT will provide you with the formula to count the total number of words in the whole excel sheet.


9. Data Validation

Data validation is a crucial Excel tool that aids in limiting or controlling user entries in particular cells. Users can customise the validation criteria to limit the kinds of data entered into the associated cells in an Excel sheet. For instance, we can require users to input numbers between 1 and 10, names or passwords with a maximum of 30 characters, enter a value from the specified list of permitted values, or do any combination of those as mentioned above. ChatGPT provides you with the formula for data validation that you can use.ChatGPT