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A Destiny Mobile Game Is Reportedly Being Worked On

Bungie, developer of Destiny, and China-based Internet tech giant NetEase are allegedly working on a yet-to-be-announced mobile Destiny First Person Shooter (FPS) game. With that, a report by The Game Post folks has pointed out that Halo and Destiny developer Bungie is presently working with NetEase games on an unannounced first-person shooter game for mobile, according to the LinkedIn profile of the NetEase employee working on the game.

Destiny Mobile Game

Credit @ Bungie

TGP has previously reported that Bungie may be working on a mobile Destiny game with Chinese gaming giant NetEase, with the Washington-based studio posting job listings for such a project. According to a source familiar with NetEase’s plans, who spoke to TGP, Bungie is developing a Destiny shooter, which has not been named as yet and has been working on for over two years.

According to The Game Post, multiple different works offers, and a partnership between Bungie and Chinese firm NetEase, Bungie is developing a Destiny title on the move. In a new report by The Game Post, it was revealed that Bungie is apparently looking at teaming up with another company to make a new mobile shooter. Bungie has been working in secret with NetEase, including on a mobile title. A new report claims that Bungie’s undercover work with Chinese publisher NetEase includes a mobile shooter game based on Destinys universe.

Destiny Mobile Game

Credit @ Bungie

NetEase’s development plans have claimed that the Chinese firm is working on a new Destiny shooter project for mobile for a few years. While there is no official announcement yet about a mobile partnership between Bungie and NetEase, The Game Post says its sources tell it they are told that NetEase and Bungies mobile title is the new Destiny game. According to one artist at NetEase, along with purported sources with knowledge of Destiny’s mobile games, Bungie and NetEase have been working on a Destiny-verse-based mobile title for about two years. This mobile title is not Destiny, but sources with knowledge of development plans at Chinese tech firm NetEase say that a new Destiny is in the works, and has been for more than two years.

According to these same sources, Destiny studio Bungie was on temporary assignment to develop the mobile title months before this revelation, so it is entirely possible this project is the same that is being developed alongside Chinese tech company NetEase. According to recent reports of a project lasting for two years, Bungie is likely working with NetEase on the Destiny Mobile game.



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