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A Flipkart User Receives Washing Soap For The Order Of Laptop

A Flipkart User Receives Washing Soap For The Order Of Laptop. (Image Courtesy: Cnbc.com)

A Flipkart User Receives Washing Soap For The Order Of Laptop. (Image Courtesy: Cnbc.com)

A Flipkart user has taken to LinkedIn and brought that, he was delivered washing soaps for the order of a laptop. The incident has taken place in the ongoing offer days of Flipkart when the user ordered the laptop using an open box system. The user an IIM student who claims that he has the CCTV footage of the incident is posting the message on the LinkedIn platform as a last resort.

Open Box System of Flipkart

The user in his post has alleged that the laptop was received by his father who is not familiar with the recent e-commerce system of Open Box. Under the Open Box system, a user at the time of delivery upon verifying the content of the box, confirms the content of the box by providing the one-time password. Reportedly, in this case, the OTP was shared at the beginning itself without proper verification of the contents inside the delivery box.

“My father’s fault is that he assumed the package – coming from a Flipkart assured seller – will contain a laptop and not detergent. Why couldn’t the delivery boy inform the receiver about [the] open box concept before asking for OTP?,” he asked on LinkedIn.

Customer Support Statement

In his LinkedIn post, Yashaswi Sharma who has tagged the union minister Piyush Goel and the CEO of Flipkart CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy, said, that customer care support washed its hands off, putting back the blame on him. Yashaswi has alleged in the LinkedIn post that, the customer care support of the e-commerce company declined to help him retrieve his amount back saying that his father is responsible for the mistake.

Flipkart Clarifications

After Yashaswi’s post on LinkedIn, the e-commerce giant issued a clarification saying that the company upon going through the details of the incident has decided to return back the amount of laptop, which the company said should not take more than three to four days. Yashaswi who acknowledged the assurance of the e-commerce giant regarding returning his amount has said that he is yet to receive it. The company has also said in its statement that, it has been able to find the mistake.

A user commenting on the matter said that the e-commerce site should provide Yashaswi with the action it has taken on the matter. The annual shopping event of Flipkart the big billion days began on the 23 of this month and is expected to end on the 30th. Amazon’s Great Indian festival concludes on the same day.

Flipkart in a statement, said, “Flipkart as a customer-focused organisation observes a zero-tolerance policy on all incidents that impact customer trust. It is of utmost importance to us to ensure the best possible online shopping experience for our customers. In this specific case that offered an Open Box Delivery option, the customer shared the OTP with the delivery executive without opening the package. Once the details of the incident were verified, our customer service team initiated a refund that will be credited within 3-4working days. We have identified the issue and have also initiated action against the errant party.”

“Flipkart’s Open Box Delivery is an initiative dedicated to safeguarding the customer’s interests. As part of the Open Box Delivery process, Flipkart Wishmasters (delivery partner) opens the product at the time of delivery, in front of the customer. Customers need to accept the delivery only when their orders are present in an intact state and then share the OTP. This prevents any financial liability on part of the customer. This is an extension of the various initiatives that Flipkart has undertaken over the years to improve the overall customer experience and build a superior supply chain.”



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