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A flurry of responses make way to Twitter as SpaceX launches Dragon to space station.

Twitter has got yet another reason to unleash its storm of responses. And this time, the flurry of reactions is in response to the launch of the Dragon cargo capsule by SpaceX. Seems like SpaceX is all set to add more to its list of success. If everything goes according to plan, Dragon will reach the space station on the 30th of August. Ever since Elon Musk tweeted about the launch, Twitter has been brimming with excitement. After all, it is quite natural for an Elon Musk tweet to elicit a wave of responses. Here is the tweet that kick-started the excitement wave on Twitter.

The What, How, and Why

The robotic Dragon cargo capsule marks the 21st rocket launched by SpaceX this year. Dragon is estimated to arrive at the International Space Station on Monday. Dragon was launched with the help of a two-stage Falcon 9 rocket. NASA’s Kennedy Space Center bore witness to the launch at 3:14 am. The Dragon is loaded with massive amounts of supplies. This includes about 4,800 pounds of scientific experiments and hardware in addition to supplies.

About eight minutes following the launch, the first stage of Falcon 9 made its return to earth, nailing a smooth and a rather majestic landing in the Atlantic Ocean on a drone ship belonging to SpaceX. Initially, the Dragon was scheduled to be launched on the 28th of August. However, the weather paved a roadblock leading to a 24-hour delay. Although, the next day the lucky stars were aligned right for SpaceX as the weather cleared, preparing the ground for the launch as scheduled. If everything goes according to plan, it is expected that the Dragon will arrive at its destination by 11:00 am EDT. However, Dragon will not be alone at the orbiting lab. The Crew Dragon “Endeavour” will be there to give company. “Endeavour” was launched on the 23rd of April carrying a crew of four astronauts.

Responses on Twitter

Any Tweet by Elon Musk elicits a chain reaction of responses on Twitter. It was no different for this one. The responses comprised a whole spectrum with a good majority applauding the launch. While there were a few others who were too occupied with crypto and DOGE. Let us take a look at the string of responses on Twitter.

Sometimes, emoticons are more than enough. Let us assume that this means that the user was tongue-tied for any words. A little bit of optimism is always good.

Now that is some food for thought.

Talk about brain-twisters.

With Elon Musk, there is no way of getting Dogecoin out of the picture. Even if it is a bit out of context.

Talk about out-of-context responses or is it?

You know if you know.

Let us wrap up with a rather interesting question.



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