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A Plunge on Vaccine slots, and a surge of Memes to laugh-cry

The situation in India right now is such that it is the perfect time to test how lucky you are. Getting a slot for Cowin is almost falling into the realm of unrealized dreams and fantasy. Either the OTP eludes you, and at times captcha is the villain, and somehow if you pull a Thor and get past all these challenges, the next thing that will hammer you down will be the lack of slots. These are the times you wish you took training to increase the speed of your fingers. Worry not, there is still time. Work again on getting another slot, and you will get there, if not the slots, at least flexible fingers for crying out loud.

The situation is desperate, with the fear of drowning in the second wave that seems to mock all those who had waited for it to be 2021. It is not just covid that is being tested, people’s patience is also going through a hard test, and all we can do is add a pinch of sugar to this bitter situation. And what best way to do it other than making a set of memes. At least then you can be engaged in deciding whether to laugh or cry at this situation. After all, that will take our minds off things.

Here is a compilation of the best memes that have been trending on Twitter ever since the vaccine sloth marathon began;

Desperate times call for desperate memes and you can blame nobody,


There was a time when we romanticized the never-ending wait for true love. Guess what, the new romance genre is the eternal wait for a slot. And it’s hard to decide on whether it’s a romantic comedy or tragedy.


It will be prudent to check the mirror before and after receiving the OTP. Who knows, an eternity might have passed.

No more complaints about getting bored to death during the lockdown. A new entertainment activity has been created especially for those in India.

Life dips you in the mud, and then in the name of cleaning up, throws you headfirst into the ocean…apparently

After all, somebody, somewhere, had said to not just aim for the goal, but to enjoy the process as well. Seems like this is the best time to get around to doing that, all the more so because the process is still in the processing stage for the majority of people out there.






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