A single video changed this family’s life!

Managing and running a business can become quite complicated, especially if you do not have enough customers come in. Things could quickly turn hopeless, and the business might even have to shut down. But when there are good people around who are willing to help you, things work out in most cases. Chris Dolo recently posted a single video on a restaurant that changed the family’s entire life.

The video blew up, and a lot of people came to the restaurant leaving reviews and enjoying their food. This helped the restaurant to be up and running at full throttle once again.

Chris posted another video on this giving an update on the situation right now.

He says, “And now we’ve seen the video of the mom waiting for people to come into the restaurant, and nobody was coming in. Well, yo update is here.”

Chris continues, “I went to the restaurant, and I made a video. It blew up. A lot of people went to the restaurant the next day to show their support.”

He believed from the bottom of his heart that the mom and the family deserved it.

Chris also talked to the daughter of the family and it was heartwarming to hear about how good they are doing now.

Finally, he says that this is not the first and only small business they are helping. They do this on a regular basis and if we as viewers want to support small businesses too all there’s to do is to follow him.

Watch the video here:


#duet with @tacoboutjoys we did good

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Most of the viewers were quite happy about the gesture and the small effort put forward by the Tiktoker. One of them wrote, We need to support more small businesses and get away from the Big franchises these franchises feed us frozen food that’s not good.”

While another viewer pointed out a very important and practical thing. He wrote, “But was it good? Longevity will come from good food.”

What are your thoughts on helping out small businesses instead of giant franchises? And do you think Tiktok or promotional videos are enough for small restaurants to get their business running consistently?

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