Marketing guy helps business get back up on its feet!

It is uncommon to see people help their fellow humans with their business. Nowadays, just a few people come forward to help others in their bad times. Like in this video, a guy comes forward to help a family whose restaurant business is not going well. This marketing guy changed the entire growth trajectory of the business as he helps them grow organically.

Marketing guy helps business

The guy shows us a video where a daughter talks about how heartbroken she is watching her mother waiting every day for a customer to walk into their restaurant. He adds that after the video went viral, many people came forward to help the family, like hundreds of TikTok users went to the restaurant page and left positive reviews there by their side.

We can see the guy is also eager to help the family by free marketing the family’s restaurant so that it could get some fame and customer. Therefore, he decided to call the family and tell them he wanted to do free marketing for them. 

After he called the family, he got to talk to the restaurant owner’s daughter and offered to do marketing for them for free. The family was ok with it, so the daughter gave the guy their email address and all other details. 

Marketing guy helps business

After that, the guy mentions how he is going to help the family through marketing. He says, “We are going to fire up their Facebook, Instagram, and everything, run their Google ads, and we could change a whole family life by just my team running and taking a little bit of time out of our day. ” 

This had been very helpful for the family and allowed them to gain fame, popularity, and new customers. The TikTok guy further explained in the video that this organic growth could be a turning point in the family’s life, and he can’t wait to talk to the family tonight.

Watch the video here:


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The viewers of this TikTok appreciate this guy a lot and thank him for supporting the family. The daughter of the restaurant owner also commented on the video, saying, “ Thank you for supporting my mom and aunt’s business. She slayed in the kitchen today.” which indicates now their business is going on track.

What are your thoughts as this marketing guy helps a business get back up on its feet? And does he inspire you to help others the same way? Let us know in the comments below. And, if you found our content informative, share it with your family and friends. 

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