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A survey says, 81% would be more motivated if they earned cryptocurrencies in return for their calories burnt

Exercising and its impact on our daily lives.

Exercising plays a pivotal role in keeping a human’s mind and body healthy. Exercising is not only important for the physical capabilities but also important to keep the mental health in check. But, we notice that most of the people start exercising and stop after a certain duration of time due to lack of motivation, lack of results or lack of interest. The fitness industry was actually booming, but to a common man, fitness was not a prominent aspect in the daily routine.

Crypto’s entry in the fitness industry.

Crypto market penetrates fitness industry

Picture Credits: The Indian Express

As we all know, cryptocurrencies have been penetrating across various types of industries all around the globe. Fitness industry is no exception. Cryptocurrency has made its way into the fitness industry as well. To encourage more and more people to take up fitness as a part of their daily routine, many fitness platforms have come up with the idea of rewarding them with cryptocurrencies to the number of calories lost. This step surely helps the fitness industry to prosper from business point of view, helps crypto market achieve more investors and invariably helps a common man to be fit and healthy.


American based fitness platform survey about relationship between Fitness and cryptocurrency.

In a recent survey conducted by fitness platform FitRated, it is indicated that approximately 81% of Americans would love to take up fitness and get motivated to exercise if they were to get cryptocurrency rewards.

The survey interviewed 1000 people with different investment experiences, body types and backgrounds across United States. The study revealed that, around 800 people would be interested and motivated to stay fit by earning cryptocurrency for exercising. 4 in 10 would cancel their gym membership and get their membership in fitness in metaverse. In addition, it was also observed that around 70% would take up gym subscription using cryptocurrencies.


Applications that deal in fitness using cryptocurrencies.

Certain applications such as ActFit, Fitcoin, Lifecoin, SweatCoin, Wellcoin deal in fitness using cryptocurrency. With Fitcoin in particular, the user is asked to burn calories and is rewarded with cryptocurrency in return. Fitcoin also allows user to convert Fitcoin Tokens into Bitcoins. Many such applications have been consistently urging the common man to take up fitness in their routine and also cryptocurrency for investment activities.


Writer’s report:

The vibes about cryptocurrency entering the fitness industry are certainly optimistic. Since, fitness industry helps people to stay fit and healthy and since, cryptocurrency is going to be the next big revolution in financial sector, the merger of both the aspects is truly worthy enough for a user to gain from.



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