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A Useful Guide to Sellers to understand how to upload products on amazon

Listing on Amazon the products are a fascinating way of selling products. It allows people to expose their products to customers. You can add multiple items, but mostly adding items is a time-consuming process. Adding products one-by-one is found to be tough for sellers, and so one should know how to upload products on Amazon. The Amazon tools are useful to upload products in bulk on Amazon.

How to upload products on Amazon

  • Download the pre-built inventory file template of Amazon such that it fits the category of products. It should be a Microsoft Excel file template. Use free programs such as LibreOffice Calc and Apache OpenOffice Calc to edit and open the file, in case you do not have Excel. 
  • In a spreadsheet, open the template. Each has instructions in detail to give product category specifics at the document top. Read the instructions without making any mistakes, enter product details.
  • Print in the spreadsheet ‘Data Definitions.’ It will have acceptable formats and value in the template. For ready reference, keep it handy and fill the template.
  • To the amazon bulk upload template, add your inventory, pay attention to the columns so that you enter details within the cell. Ensure to give details such as title, product ID, brand, description, manufacturer, and more. Add bullet points to the item description.
  • Save in the .xls format the file on entering details, and click ‘Save As.’
  • Save as .txt file as per the instructions of Amazon. It is required to upload on Amazon.com. In case there is a dialog popping saying the file-format will not support files, click OK. Even if there is a warning about incompatible features, click Yes.
  • Log in to the Amazon seller account, select the template type and click on ‘Upload multiple times’ and get your file uploaded. Replace all the inventory items.
  •  Browse after selecting File Upload, locate on your computer the product file and click Upload now in the dialog box. After uploading the document, show the upload status. Refresh to see upload progress. It will take more processing hours if your files are more than 5MB.

Advantages of Selling the Upload products on Amazon

1. It is fast and simple

There are no difficulties as all your products appear on the listing. In a day, you can begin selling with ease. Thus, you save the hassle of uploading. Now you need not worry about catalog managing. Thus, with amazon, you can enjoy this easy option and grow by investing later.

2. Increase your visibility

The most visited website is Amazon. It has daily users in millions.  The potential audience gets exponentially multiplied. There is no need to worry about the visitors, the SEM, SEO, or networking. You are sure to enjoy a wider reach and make sales. Enjoy the visibility and the increase in sales.

3. Generates immediate trust

Buying online is normal while selling gives clients a safer feel on Amazon as there is a guarantee of this giant company. The client problems get resolved with ease. Besides, Amazon’s customer service is the best. The sellers can save their money and time. Trust is crucial, and so the seller must fulfill the requirements of Amazon to be a seller. Thus, it should reach a vendor as ‘Fulfilled by Amazon.’ Also, use third party services at www.revExpo.com for review and certify products and this would help new sellers to gain trust on their products.


Q1. How to upload to Amazon bulk listings?

A: Log in to your seller account in Amazon, click “Upload multiple items,” select the template type suitable to that you want to upload. Replace all the items in your inventory and replace them.

Q2. What is a bulk listing?

A. Professional sellers create for the same items bulk listings when sold through third-party affiliates or Amazon. It alleviates tedious working hours and leads to promoting sales outcome as it is placed into the marketplace faster.

Q3. How to make Amazon listing active?

A. In case you do not see warning notice on the sales saying it is ‘inactive and link to activate,’

  • Use the seller-page account info page
  • Use edit option under the Listing status
  • Change it to ‘active’ from inactive

Q4. Why Amazon listing shows inactive?

A. The standard time taken is 15 minutes to see the product listing live on Amazon. If the product listing fails to display, check how to fix ‘no listing’ error, and check the Blocked Listings.

Q5. What happens on closing Amazon listing?

A. On closing a listing, your product is no longer available on Amazon for sale, but your sales history remains stored. Hence at any time, you can relist the products.

Q6. On Amazon. how to pack items?

A. The products you plan to sell on Amazon should be in good condition. If your item is semi-fragile, make it a point to wrap using cling film and in bubble wrap in multiple players. It should appear clean. Put it in a quality box and use paper or something equivalent to fill the gaps in the box. It will keep the product from moving within the box.


If you are keen on developing a business online, you should understand there is a need for fostering loyalty and creating strong branding among the customers. It is a must to earn overin the long-term, good profits.

One thing is for sure that Amazon has a lucrative sales channel that is suitable for sellers. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or are already having an online shop, there is a reason to use Amazon for product sales. However, ensure you know the conditions before agreeing to Amazon and also have clarity on its possible consequences.

If you are a newbie initiating business online, undoubtedly, Amazon is the right place to offeran opportunity to move your products and to test things out. You can make some money and use it for future operations.

Keep in mind, eventually, that selling on Amazon is unique and is better than trying to sell in on your own on your platform. Amazon offers the best ways of uploading bulk products and selling it as per the catalog listing.

Get your products listed and enjoy potential customers!



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