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Able2Extract Professional: A Swiss Army Knife for PDF Tasks

Working with PDF files can be daunting. If you want to edit a PDF, you need to either find a program that will allow you to modify PDF content on the spot or the file itself (merge, split, etc). Then, if you have a numerical PDF table with data that you want to analyze in Excel, you need to find the appropriate PDF to Excel converter. Furthermore, if you want to create a secure, password protected PDF you need software that offers PDF creation capabilities. And, in case you want to collaborate on a PDF or need to review one and mark it up with your comments and other types of notes, you need yet another solution that will allow you to add annotations. And so on…

As you may already know, it is possible to perform all sorts of actions on PDFs, but it often means using multiple PDF tools. For most users, this is not the most desirable option out there. If you are one of those users who are looking for one solution that meets all your PDF needs, allow us to introduce you to Able2Extract Professional – a Swiss army knife for all your PDF files. Below we focus on its most sought-after PDF handling features, namely: creation, conversion, and editing of PDF files

PDF Creation

Able2Extract installs a lightweight PDF printer on the computer which allows you to quickly generate PDF from any printable file format (over 300 file formats!). It is, of course, possible to create a PDF from the program’s interface.

Advanced PDF creation options let you password protect the file and have control over who can open and view your PDFs. Furthermore, it’s possible to control how the PDF file users can use your documents by setting permissions to allow or disallow specific tasks like:

  • Printing
  • Copying
  • Modifying
  • Adding comments
  • Filling in forms
  • Assembling document

PDF Conversion

Converting PDFs to popular file formats like Word and Excel is an essential feature since PDF content itself can’t be easily edited. A lot of users see the PDF conversion feature as the most convenient way to modify the document’s content, layout, and formatting.

Able2Extract can convert a whole PDF or just a part of it to:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • CSV
  • PowerPoint
  • Publisher
  • HTML
  • AutoCAD
  • Image file formats (BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF)
  • OpenOffice file formats

What makes Able2Extract unique among PDF converters is its custom PDF to Excel option. In a nutshell, this feature gives users full control over the Excel output. In other words, you get to adjust the structure of your PDF tables by deleting or adding and adjusting rows and columns, replotting tables, managing headers and footers, and more. On top of that, you can preview your customizations before extraction to Excel spreadsheets. The abilities to define and preview Excel file before the conversion and to save conversion templates for reuse on similarly structured documents give Able2Extract users the most efficient way to extract tabular data from PDF and thus save a lot of time and effort.

There’s one more PDF conversion feature that can greatly enhance PDF productivity. With Batch conversion option users can convert multiple PDFs at once. The conversion queue is filled by uploading PDFs one by one or by selecting whole folders for conversion. And if users happen to have various file formats in one folder, Able2Extract will automatically scan it and upload only PDF files.

PDF Editing

Whether you need to edit PDF content or alter PDF files, Able2Extract offers features to make modifications possible on the spot – without the need to convert documents to editable file formats.

When it comes to editing PDF text, you can enter, delete or format content just like in any other text processor. You can change text font, color, alignment, and rotation.

If you need to protect sensitive information, you can use the Redaction feature which allows you to quickly black out any piece of info in your document you want to hide from prying eyes.

You can also add additional content to PDF: text, vector shapes, and images.

With regards to editing PDF pages and files, Able2Extract allows you to:

  • Delete pages
  • Extract pages (split PDF)
  • Move pages around the document
  • Resize PDF page while content remains intact
  • Insert from PDF (merge PDF)
  • Insert blank PDF page that you can fill with content in Able2Extract
  • Rotate pages
  • Scale PDF page along with the content

Last but not the least among the PDF editing features is the ability to edit PDF forms by modifying the existing form fields or adding new ones.


Able2Extract Professional is a robust desktop PDF solution featuring a full range of PDF manipulation capabilities. More importantly, it performs extremely well.

You can try Able2Extract for free by downloading it here. If you do try it, please share your experiences and opinion with us in the comment section below.



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