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According to a document, Elon Musk’s non-payment of tenant has obligated Twitter workers in Singapore to leave their offices.

Since Elon Musk’s merger, things at Facebook have gone badly wrong. Poor staff are forced to take on the weight of an incredibly ambitious leader who makes basic mistakes. Within a week of having dealt with foul smelling bathrooms, a lack of toilet paper, and other annoyances, Twitter employees are currently being forced to leave the company’s Singapore office because Musk had already failed to pay the workplace lease.

According to leading technology advisor Casey Newton, the landowners forced the workers at Twitter’s San Francisco office to leave the building. “I’m told Twitter staff members were all just started to walk out of its Singapore office — its Asia-Pacific headquarter is located — for failing to pay of rent. “Landlords escorted staff members away from the tower,” Newton posted to Twitter.

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According to earlier articles, Twitter has still not reimbursed the rent for its headquarters or for any of its other international offices in the many weeks. Twitter was originally sued for allegedly failing to pay rent on a San Francisco office space. Thus, according to Bloomberg, the owner of the property made aware the social media company on December 16, 2022, that it would become insolvency on its tenancy agreement for the 30th floor of the Hartford Constructing in five days if the living costs wasn’t really compensated.

Initially, Platformer’s Executive Editor, Zoe Shiffler, revealed that Twitter will reduce benefit plans. “Starting this fraction, Twitter will start reducing employment benefits. Passenger transport economic advantages, pregnancy prevention, and meal perks are no longer be available. In accordance with an email response, coffee and snacks will continue to stay.” She acknowledges that Musk will keep coffee and office snacks for the time being.

Twitter is now anticipating charging professionals for lunch, which was initially offered at no cost before Musk started taking over. In response to the media report, Musk stated that perhaps the projected value per breakfast continued to serve in the previous year seems to be more than $400. “This is particularly odd given that virtually no one originated to the office. “The projected value per lunch provided in the last year is more than $400,” Musk tweeted.

Employees have complained in Slack groups that the department restrooms stink and that they are compelled to bring their own toilet roll. Because Musk fired the janitors, there is no one at the corporation to start changing the toilet paper and install a new individual.