According to a source, Apple has threatened to penalize employees who took leave for 3 days or more in a week

Platformer managing editor Zoe Schiffer tweeted on Wednesday that Apple has threatened to take action against employees who don’t show up to work at least three days a week. “Apple is tracking employee attendance (via badge records) and will give employees escalating warnings if they don’t come in 3x per week. She added, “At Apple, some orgs are saying failure to comply could result in termination, but that doesn’t appear to be a company-wide policy.”

An enquiry from Insider for comment still needs to be answered by Apple. Apple mandated last summer that all corporate staff members work from the office on three specific days starting on September 5: Tuesday, Thursday, and a third regular day chosen by team leaders.

Apple will begin gradually implementing its hybrid work plans in March 2022

At the time, a group of workers known as “Apple Together” opposed the company’s intentions and circulated a petition on Twitter, claiming that employees had demonstrated during the previous two years that they could complete “amazing work” from home. CEO Tim Cook told staff that the business would begin gradually implementing its hybrid work plans in March 2022.

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He wrote, “For many of you, I know that returning to the office represents a long-awaited milestone and a positive sign that we can engage more fully with the colleagues who play such an important role in our lives. For others, it may also be an unsettling change. I want you to know that we are deeply committed to giving you the support and flexibility that you need in this next phase.”

Remote work has previously been referred to be the “mother of all experiments” by Cook. He said it wasn’t a less effective working method, but Apple has been more adamant than its rivals in returning employees to the office.

Elon Musk says, ” office is not optional”

Ian Goodfellow, the former director of machine learning at the business, cited the policy as why he decided to depart Apple in May last year. Elon Musk allegedly reminded Twitter personnel of the company’s remote working policy in an early-morning email on Wednesday. The “office is not optional,” the CEO of Twitter reportedly informed colleagues in an email sent at 2:30 a.m., according to Schiffer. On the other hand Apple, the producer of the iPhone, is attempting to raise the volume of its smartphone production in India, and one of its contract manufacturers, Pegatron, may establish a second facility there.

The Taiwan-based phone maker has invested 1,100 crores in a factory near Chennai, where production has already begun. In this regard, the business and the Tamil Nadu government signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in February 2021.

A source near the development said, “The second unit is being explored to meet Apple’s plans to build a resilient supply chain ecosystem outside of China. But no final decision has been taken yet.”