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How To Achieve Maximum Productivity From Your Day !

(Image Credits : www.uloop.com)
(Image Credits : www.uloop.com)

As an entrepreneur, one has to wear a lot of hats each day – the product manager, the sales person, the marketer, the recruiter, the operations expert- are some of identities each entrepreneur dons each day. There is never any dearth of work to do and the task list seems endless. While managing all this, keeping a sight of the goal and extracting maximum value out of each day can become extremely difficult. Here we take a look at some of the things that will help you achieve maximum productivity each day.

Create A Routine

Getting into a set routine definitely helps you achieve much more in the day. Knowing that you are going to be doing a particular thing at a particular time always makes you feel much less worried and makes your day much calmer than having a chaotic feeling every morning with a number of tasks pending on you and not having a set time when you would get them done.

As difficult as it may seem, try creating a rough routine for yourself each day and try to stick to it !

Plan The Day in Advance

Planning, planning, planning ! Nothing great was ever achieved without proper planning. A number of entrepreneurs have reported that creating a schedule for the day before you actually start the day helps you achieve much more in the day than otherwise! There are a number of means to plan, an example is by using a bullet journal.

Focus On Achieving Only 3 Things At A Time

Trying to do too many things gets nothing done. Use the principle of 3. Try to achieve 3 things in a year. Break these 3 things down to achieving 3 things every day, 3 things every week and 3 things every month !

Create Some Me Time

This is the most important guideline not only to achieve more productivity but also to keep you sane in your entrepreneurial whirlpool ! Create some me time every day. This could be anything that de-stresses you and clears your mind. A lot of entrepreneurs are known to run and use this run time to get them ready for the rest of the day. A number of entrepreneurs have also said that they used to take the most critical problem of the day in their heads when the started running and tried to find a solution for the problem during the run. Other alternatives such as meditation could also be used.

Focus On Only One Thing At A Time

Multitasking rarely works for anyone.If you want a good output you need to completely focus on only one task at any given point of time and try and give this task your best shot.

Set Up Strict Agendas and Time Limits For Meetings

Unwanted meetings are the biggest time killers in every organization.They end up killing the productive times of not only a single person but the entire group. Make sure that you call a meeting only when it is absolutely required, have a set agenda for the meeting and call only those people who are really required to be there. Also make sure that everyone else follows the same principle in your company.

Group Your Interruptions

A lot of your time might be getting utilized by people who continuously drop by at your desk one after the other to get their queries resolved. If a number of people are dropping by at your desk with the same doubt or if you feel that more people might walk to you with the same question, try and group these people and try and solve the same query for a number of people at one time only.