Adidas partners with Coinbase and calls the metaverse ‘exciting’

Adidas partners with Coinbase as the hype for metaverse is on the rise. Prior to this, Adidas was shown their own real estate in the metaverse world by The SandBox in a tweet. In fact, Adidas called the entire idea ‘exciting’. It will be interesting to see how Adidas works in the metaverse world. Maybe they will start selling their popular sneakers virtually as well? If so, do you think they will be priced high?

Adidas and Metaverse

The company finds the metaverse idea exciting and wants to explore the space. It is very focused on it as well. If you see currently, the metaverse is one of the most talked-about subjects in the crypto space. So, it is obvious that a big company like Adidas also wants something to do with it. A company’s spokesperson even said that this started after The Sandbox showed them their own stores and real estate in the metaverse on Twitter. This has really intrigued Adidas, and they might be exploring the space quite thoroughly. It is also important to note that The Sandbox could see another price jump if Adidas works with them as well in the future (very likely).

The Coinbase partnership

Adidas partners with Coinbase
Image Source: Cryptopolitan

This partnership within itself shows that Adidas is serious about this. They recently tweeted out, “We’ve partnered with @coinbase. Probably nothing.” To this, Coinbase replied, “Welcome to the party, partner.” It seems that Adidas might work with Coinbase to enter the metaverse world and explore the different ways they can build a solid business in the virtual world. This could also be a simple competitor move as even the Nike brand is looking to explore the metaverse and NFT space.

Now it is important that both NFTs and Metaverse are explored by the company. As in the virtual world, people will buy clothes, shoes, and other items as NFTs and use them virtually. And therefore, Coinbase might really be starting to plan how they can sell their sneakers in the metaverse in the future.

What are your thoughts as Adidas partners with Coinbase for the metaverse? And do you think this partnership is going to be fruitful? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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