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After a Car Hits a Tree and Kills all Six, a Phone Calls Emergency Services.

After a car struck a tree early on Sunday in Nebraska, killing all six of its young occupants, a passenger’s cellphone immediately alerted emergency personnel, according to police.

Around 2:15 a.m. in Lincoln, roughly 3 miles east of the state Capitol, a Honda Accord crash claimed the lives of five male passengers, according to authorities. A 24-year-old lady who was transported to the hospital in a severe condition subsequently passed away there.

The 22-year-old driver was one of the five men who perished. One victim was 21 years old, one was 23 years old, and two others were 22 years old.

Mourners gather and lay flowers and gifts at the site of a deadly car crash during an impromptu memorial service in Lincoln, Neb., on Oct. 2, 2022. (Kenneth Ferriera / Lincoln Journal Star via AP)

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The mishap was reported by an iPhone, according to police, who stated the cause of the collision is still under investigation. The iPhone reportedly sensed the hit and immediately alerted emergency services when the owner didn’t answer.

The worst collision in Lincoln in recent memory, according to Assistant Chief Michon Morrow of the Lincoln Police Department. We’ve been trying to come up with another accident this horrible, but nothing has came to mind.

By Sunday afternoon, investigators had not been able to locate any witnesses to the collision, which may make it more difficult to ascertain what transpired.

It will take some time for us to determine the exact reason of this event, Morrow added. “We are investigating every possibility, including drunk driving, speeding, and inattentive driving.”




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