Youtube reveals its metaverse plan
Credits: NDTV Gadgets 360

Soon, 4K Video Playback on YouTube Might be Limited to Platform Premium Subscribers Alone.

With YouTube Premium, formerly known as YouTube Red, viewers may watch videos without being interrupted by advertisements and have them play in the background. Other advantages include the option to download any video from the site, free YouTube Music, and more.

It now looks that YouTube may allow its Premium subscribers to watch videos only in the best quality. Also read: Amazon India will facilitate live streaming goods purchases for customers.

YouTube is testing 4K video playback, which has a 2160p quality, for the YouTube Premium subscription, according to a Reddit post. This implies that the only users who can play videos are Premium subscribers.


Users who are not Premium will only be able to stream at a maximum resolution of 1440p. The video quality section will display all available quality options for a certain movie, and if the video is 4K (2160p resolution), it will be limited for Non-Premium users, according to a screenshot that has been circulated online.

Only those who subscribe to YouTube’s monthly or yearly Premium plan will get access to the best quality videos, which include any resolution above 4K, such 8K.

For those who are unaware, YouTube has enabled 4K video playback for at least a decade. However, it seems that not many customers have 4K set as their default streaming quality even now. The current industry standard looks to be full HD, or 1080p.

Although many users haven’t yet switched to higher quality videos with a resolution of 1440p and above, YouTube may have noticed this and is now apparently making money off of it. Although the feature is reportedly in testing, YouTube has not confirmed this.

So let’s wait until a YouTube representative verifies this functionality for Premium subscribers.

Previously, 12 skippable adverts were being tested by YouTube on the website. Later, the business disclosed that these advertisements would only be available in a certain format called bumper ads, where each ad would last for six seconds.