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After Bitcoin fell to $42,000 and recovered, what’s next?

Bitcoin prices have been extremely volatile recently, plummeting to their lowest point since September. According to CoinDesk, the digital currency reached $42,019.86 yesterday. According to fresh CoinDesk data, the cryptocurrency was down over 40% from its all-time high of about $69,000 hit last month. Several analysts cited spot selling as a reason for the sudden drop.

Bitcoin fell to $42,000

Bitcoin fell to $42,000

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According to CoinDesk, the resulting negative price movement sparked a long squeeze, resulting in even more losses. Since then, the digital asset has recovered, swinging back and forth between $50,000 and $50,000 yesterday and today.

Bitcoin’s price fell below $46,000 early Saturday, extending a sharp and unexpected slump that began Friday afternoon. Before the massive drop at the conclusion of the week, Bitcoin was almost above $59,000 on Wednesday. Bitcoin’s price hasn’t been this low since early October.

Multiple sharp decreases in Bitcoin’s price during the last few weeks reflect a significant reduction from the high it reached on Nov. 10 when it surpassed $68,000.

Following recent comments from SEC Chairman Gary Gensler on cryptocurrency regulation, uncertainty surrounding the new omicron variant of the coronavirus, and President Joe Biden’s signing of a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill last month that includes key provisions that could have tax implications for crypto investors, prices have dropped.

Shortly after Bitcoin’s most recent all-time high, Ethereum’s price surpassed $4,850, setting a new all-time high. Following the recent peak, Ethereum has also experienced significant ups and downs.

Previous sharp losses earlier this year followed China’s central bank’s prohibition on cryptocurrency transactions and mining, which declared all cryptocurrencies illegal in the country in September. After peaking at $52,000 in early September, Bitcoin’s price plummeted and didn’t rise above $50,000 again until October.

Bitcoin has come a long way since it fell below $30,000 in July, despite its recent and normal ups and downs.

Bitcoin originally reached a high of more than $60,000 in April, and the ups and downs since then have highlighted the cryptocurrency’s volatility at a time when an increasing number of individuals are interested in participating.

Bitcoin has consistently increased in the weeks between its most recent July low point and subsequent high peaks. Volatility will undoubtedly increase in the future of bitcoin, thus these ups and downs are to be expected.

“You have a good probability of losing it all, but a slim possibility of winning big,” says Nate Nieri, a CFP with Modern Money Management in San Diego. “Don’t gamble a quantity that would put a strain on your family or prohibit you from accomplishing your objectives” if you lost everything, he advises.

What does this new fall represent for investors, and how does it relate to prior crashes or even routine stock market drops? Let us know in the comment box down.

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