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Agritech startup AgroWave raises $500K from US investors

Agritech Startup AgroWave just received funding of $500,000 from US-based investor Sekhar Puli. AgroWave is a Gurugram based startup started in 2017 by an IIT Delhi alumni, Anu Meena. They are working on building a sustainable supply chain of vegetables and fruits by leveraging technology to their needs.

How does the Agritech Startup AgroWave function?

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The startup is using pickup stations to collect farm produce directly from the farm-gates. Everything from pickup to other important information is passed on to the farmers using an app. This helps in keeping the farmers updated.

After picking up the produce, customized grading, packaging, and proper sorting are done to maintain quality. The final part is delivery managed by highly trained professionals to ensure the customers get fresh products on their doorstep on time.

Agrowave’s plan and Vision

To provide a better service to customers, Agritech is planning to scale up its operations by using US funding. It will improve on its mobile pickup station and is also going to integrate a price prediction model in their system. The price prediction model will further improve the efficiency with which AgroWave functions.

Agritech startup AgroWave

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As said by the startup founder, an app will help predict the prices of farm produce, which farmers request to sell out. Anu, the founder of Agrowave, said, “It’s important to build trust with farmers to work with them. Our mobile pickup station model MPS(s) is helping us build trust with small and medium farmers in rural areas. It is helping them to sell the produce easily in their village through our mobile app.”

Speaking on the technology front, she also added, “We are building farm to business mobility supply chain through an integrated network of mobile pickup stations at farm gates. We are focused on building strong technology to create a more efficient supply chain”.

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After completing their initial goal of building 50 Mobile Pickup Stations, the startup plans to raise more funding to build at least 1000 MPS by the end of 2021. This will also help them in improving their supply chain immensely.

Presently, the startup is generating over Rs 2.5 crore monthly revenue and is growing at quite some pace. What are your thoughts on so emerging agriculture-based startups in India? Do let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like, and share it with your friends.

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