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AI comes to the rescue of your website

There are times when we start a new website with a lot of hope and expectation to exhibit our creative streak or talent. However, most of the times the lack of website traffic is disheartening. These are the moments we wish for a guide who could actually help us through the complicated intricacies of website content, clearing a path for us to make progress and succeed. Most of the solutions these days are synonymous with artificial intelligence, the case is no different here. Artificial intelligence will now tell you the reason for the lack of visitors to your website and even give suggestions for improvement and progress.

Project Catchy Content

Project Catchy Content

Adobe brings forth a new solution that goes by the name ‘Project Catchy Contet’ to address the woes of those in need of strong advice and guidance concerning their websites. The AI is capable of analysing and studying the online content in detail, and provides information to its users about the number of visitors to their website, the website traffic, etc. It can also get to the root of the cause for the lack of visitors to the website, which will be of substantial help in making necessary changes and improvements to the same. In addition to this, the detailed and specific suggestions provided by the AI concerning even the most subtle details will help people to attain the desirable response and engagement from the visitors of the website. In short, the AI wears the cape of a mentor or guide helping with every step of website building and content creation, backing the processes and providing necessary insights.

This particular work is a result of years of effort put into AI research by Adobe. The company also holds the credit for developing some very powerful and effective creative tools powered by artificial intelligence. One good example for this is the Content-Aware Fill. The tool makes use of artificial intelligence to facilitate the analysis of a particular scene, thereby helping to fill certain blemishes or gaps with the necessary and suitable images.

Project Catchy Content, however, pushes the bar a notch higher, upgrading the image prowess of adobe, taking it from the level of “editing to a deep evaluation,” according to Steve Hammond, the VP of Adobe Experience Cloud. Hammond also leads Adobe’s Sneaks program.

The artificial intelligence here is capable of categorizing photos with certain keywords, following which its color patterns are deconstructed and the text analyzed. All these information is then compared and cross-referenced with the content that people engage with the most. Based on all this a certain framework is created for your content, that will maximize the visitor traffic and engagement.

The tool is cold and calculating, and might not be warm toward the flaws in the content, however the fact stands that it is an excellent analytic tool, much better than the already existing options.



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