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Air India Top Brass Revamped by Chandrasekaran
Nipun Aggarwal appointed as Chief Commercial Officer and Suresh Dutt Tripathi as Chief Human Resources Officer

It has been expected that ever since Tata took over Air India from the government, the airline will under go a huge makeover with scores of employees being replaced and the entire structure and hierarchy of the company and strategies to be completely refurbished. After over three months, it has finally happened with so many top brasses of the firm being changed with many top employees of the Tata conglomerate replacing the existing Air India employees. Air India previously introduced pay cuts for all employees during the height of the coronavirus pandemic and government lockdowns. That has also been rescinded and employees of the firm will now be receiving close to full pay as the company phases itself to a post covid world.

The chairman of Tata owned airline company, Air India – Mr. N Chandrasekaran has announced that the top brass of the company has experienced a few changes recently to help the betterment of all parties on Mondays.

Mr. Nipun Aggarwal has now taken up the role of chief commercial officer while the post of chief human resources officer has now been occupied by Mr. Suresh Dutt Tripathi.

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Mr. Aggarwal is also the Senior Vice President of Tata Group and therefore he will have to be juggling two massive jobs at the same time. Mr. Tripathi was previously the vice president of Human Resources of Tata steel for close to a decade until his reign ended just under a year ago.

Mr. Chandrasekaran also felt the need for high level advisors to be part of the of the company and went on to hire Mr. Malik and Mr. Sharan. They will primarily be helping Mr. Chandrasekaran with his daily duties and other important decisions.

Even with all of these changes in the top brass all throughout the Tata conglomerate, a chief executive officer has yet to be appointed and nobody has even been formally approached yet according to official sources.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Air India, under their previous owners introduced a pay cut of 35% to 40% to compensate for the low flights they had due to the lockdowns all around the world and now Tata Air India have slashed the pay cuts down to 15% throughout the hierarchy of the firm.

Other monetary changes have also been made with the crew’s journey remittance to be increased with only a 5% pay cut compared to the 15% during the pandemic