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Airbnb revamps app and website for more flexible search options


Source: UX Collective

As we all know, Airbnb is one of the world’s most popular community marketplace, a platform where people can find exotic accommodations, offering unique and inspiring spaces. Well, it is not a surprise that since the COVID-19 pandemic has struck, the hospitality industry has been at an all-time low which is bad for business. People have been stuck home and are unable to travel the world. The hospitality industry all around the world has been suffering ever since it all began but Airbnb has tried to make the most out of it.

Now, as the lockdown eases and people are beginning to feel free and open to travel again, hotels and resorts should have initiated to grow back into the business. Following this, Airbnb has given a major revamp to its mobile app and website and the main highlight of this update is flexibility.

Airbnb introduced a feature back in February where users are not required to fill in the exact dates of their stay at any particular destination. The revamped flexibility in search options is built on this feature. So, the next time you open the Airbnb mobile app, just tell Airbnb that you are looking for a 2 days weekend getaway or a week’s stay or a month’s vacation and the app will hook you up with the best accommodations available.

Airbnb is known for offering exotic and unique accommodations, the flexibility search option will show you properties like stays in cabins, treehouses, boats and much more for the most profound experiences of your life.

Other than this, Airbnb has taken a very straightforward approach in its cancellation policies to avoid any user inconvenience. Not just this, reviews have become much more useful for users to see if their desired locations offer the expected experience or not. All in all, the company’s checkout process has become much simpler and much faster.

The new features introduced by Airbnb in their latest revamped update is more for travellers who wish to get away, just go and visit someplace nice without having any particular destination in mind. Getting confused about where to go with friends, opinions don’t match, no problem- let Airbnb decide the best available destinations and accommodations for you.

Furthermore, adding a property to Airbnb has become significantly faster and easier than ever. As mentioned in a report by Engadget, as and when you upload pictures of your property, the system will automatically categorise your property based on guest appeal.

Hopefully, the pandemic will be over soon and you ‘all will be free to travel once again. Stay Safe wherever you go!



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