Airtel Payments Bank are up with Safe Pay to prevent online frauds

We can all add another payment method ‘Safe Pay’ to the list of options. Airtel claims that it is extremely safe and secure which is all weaponed up to battle against phishing, stolen credentials or passwords, and phone cloning. 

Airtel Payments Bank claims to have introduced safety and security with its  ‘Airtel Safe Pay’, a means of protected digital transactions to save its users from online frauds. It is when customers will carry out transactions from UPI (unified payment interface) or net-banking using the Airtel Payments Bank, Airtel Safe Pay will be another fort to protect against online frauds.


This new payment option is believed to protect the customers against stigmas like phishing, stolen credentials or passwords, and phone cloning, that too at no cost.


In a release, a subsidiary of Bharti Airtel Ltd made the following statement-

“Airtel Safe Pay leverages Airtel’s telecom exclusive strength of network intelligence to provide an additional layer of payment validation compared to the industry norm of two-factor authentication.”

MD & CEO of Airtel Payments Bank Anubrata Biswas, made the following statement-

“As digital payments become the norm, especially in the post-pandemic world, we also have to solve the challenges of frauds that are growing rapidly.

Airtel Safe Pay is yet another innovation where our secure network and world-class digital platforms combine to solve a unique market problem”

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