Akasa Air's first Boeing 737 MAX
Source: Business Today

Akasa Air’s first Boeing aircraft lands at IGI airport

The Akasa Air airline got its first airplane on Tuesday, June 21. The Boeing 737 Max aircraft landed at the the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi.

Akasa Air’s first Boeing 737 MAX lands in Delhi.
Source: India Today

The air service promoted by capitalist Rakesh Jhunjhunwala gained the formal code for the airplane at Seattle, USA on last Wednesday. Getting its first airplane leads the air service closer to get its Air Operator’s Permit.

The airline is financially supported by capitalist Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and the authorities of aviation Vinay Dube and Aditya Ghosh. It has earlier gotten it’s no-objection certificate from the government last year in August to commence airplanes for economical purpose.

Akasa Air defines itself as an ultra-low-cost air service. Back in November 2021 that airline dealt with Boeing to by 72 MAX aircrafts and received one of those in Seattle last week. As per the contract 18 aircrafts will be handed over to the air service by March 2023 while 54 others will be handed over in course of coming 4 years.

Akasa Air is believed to start its airplane services for economical purposes by the end of July. The code of the air service will be “QP” and the aim of the air service is to give great flying experience at a low charge. Although, the company has not announced any launch date until now.

 Akasa Air's first Boeing 737 MAX
Source: Business Today

It has kept its focus on the third most extensive aeronautics market of the world that is witnessing a rapid growth with a number of airlines services providing tickets at low charges and broadening the air connectivity by getting connected with new avenues and airports.

The contract signed between Akasa and Boeing amounted $9 billion and it has revived the lost dominance of Boeing in India. The strong competitor of Boeing, Airbus will also be handing over 100 airplanes to Indigo and GoAir.

The aircraft company is said to have face great losses after its newly launched aircraft 737 Max was banned in many nations apart from India. The ban was imposed after the airplane suffered two major crashes, one in October 2018 while other in March 2019. More than 300 people died collectively in both the collapse.

The developing economy of the nation and the enlarging population will develop a high need for the commercial airplanes that is supposed to give rise to 1000 new airliners in India in the coming 20 years.

This demand will advantage Akasa Air as it is coming up with lowest fare for a single-aisle aircraft along with a dispatch accuracy and an improved flying experience for the people. The Boeing 737MAX will give the airline an ambitious lead in its huge home market.