Alibaba tests ChatGPT style tool
Alibaba is creating a ChatGPT-like conversation chatbot.

Alibaba Group, battling with other digital industries around the world to showcase that it is keeping up with generative artificial intelligence (AI) advancements, revealed on Wednesday that it is creating a ChatGPT-style application that is presently being evaluated internally.

The Chinese e-commerce company made its remarks in response to news that Alibaba is creating a ChatGPT-like conversation chatbot that is presently available for testing among its staff, as reported by the 21st Century Herald publication.

A person walks past a sign of Alibaba Group during the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, following the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Shanghai, China, September 1, 2022. REUTERS/Aly Song

When approached about the news piece, Alibaba refused to respond, which also stated that the firm would merge the tech with its DingTalk messaging application.

The business stated that it has worked on substantial language models and generative AI for years. Large language models are natural-language processing technologies that can develop additional content in addition to understanding and responding to queries as a result of being trained on vast amounts of content.

The announcement led Alibaba’s U.S.-listed stocks to rise 3.2 per cent in early trade.

Due to shareholder enthusiasm around Open.ChatGPT, Ai’s, which can produce articles, essays, and jokes in reply to prompts and has been dubbed the fastest-growing consumer app in history, stocks in various Chinese AI technology businesses have risen recently.

After announcing plans to wrap up trials of its “Ernie bot” in March, Chinese search engine king Baidu saw a 15 per cent boost in its stock price on Tuesday. Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL.O), the parent company of Google, is creating its chatbot system and has announced that it will expand the use of artificial intelligence in its search engine.

OpenAI, which Microsoft acquired (MSFT.O), aims to connect ChatGPT with Bing, one of its search engines.

Another Chinese internet company,, announced on Wednesday that it aimed to implement ChatGPT-like procedures and technology into a few of its offerings, including the customer assistance provided through its e-commerce portal.

According to an insider with information on NetEase, the Chinese video game company aims to use such massive language modelling technology to assist its educational business.