All about the United Kingdom’s new Prime Minister and his Wife! 


Is history repeating itself? The United Kingdom welcomed Rishi Sunak as their new Prime Minister. He is the first Asian-origin Prime Minister and also the first Indian-origin British leader to lead the kingdom.


The 42-year-old Rishi is the former finance minister and investment banker. He is listed as one of the wealthiest men in the United Kingdom. All credit for his wealth goes to his wife – Akshata Murthy.


Akshata Murthy is the daughter of N.R. Narayana who is the co-founder and retired chairman of Infosys, which is India’s largest tech service provider. The total net worth of Infosys stands at $4.5 billion. Akshata alone holds a 0.93% stake in the consulting firm which is worth $715 million contributing mostly to Rishi’s fortune. As per reports, Akshata’s net worth is nearly $1.3 billion. She received a total of 54.5 million pounds as stakes from her company. To add, she is also associated with Claremont McKenna College as a trustee and is an alma mater of Standford University Graduate School of Business.


Recently, Akshata has become a victim of controversies and accusations. She was questioned about her tax management. Accusations said that she used her non-domicile status to save her from many foreign earnings from the British Government. Although she and her husband denied such accusations, she later agreed to pay the taxes.


Murthy plays the role of director for three companies, namely, the capital and private equity firm Catamaran Ventures, the gym chain Digme Fitness and the gentlemen’s outfitters New & Lingwood.


Catamaran Ventures: It is the name of Akshata’s family’s main entity that is based in Banglore. She is the director of the company since 2013.

New & Lingwood: Lingwood is a prestigious outfitter college in England with tuition fees of £45,000 a year. She has been the director of the college since 2017.

Digme: It is a London-based fitness company. She is the director of the company since 2017 and owns a stake of 4.4 percent.


This information was disclosed by her husband Rishi Sunak in the parliamentary register at the moment when he was about to contest in elections. He was also a member of her company in 2015. After becoming a Member of Parliament, he transferred 50 percent of the stake in the company to Murthy.


Sunak and Murthy were married in 2009 with two daughters – Krishna and Anoushka. The couple owns four homes across the UK and California of value $18.3 million.