Bank of America

All money gone? Check out how people are reacting on the negative balance bug of ‘Bank of America’

Shockingly users are reporting thousands of dollars in missing funds. Adding to it, disappearing transactions on the platform are also being reported by Twitter users. Users using the online financial transactions service provider Zelle are claiming to be having serious problems. Users are now tweeting and sharing their opinions about “Bank of America” through memes. They are relating memes with their current scenario.

An increase in complaints of Zelle outages that started at about 7 am ET on Wednesday may be seen on Downdetector, a website that offers real-time statistics on other websites.

Nearly 700 outage reports had been made as of 11 a.m. ET, with nearly 90% of them claiming problems with platform fund transfers. Another 8% of users reported experiencing difficulties logging in.

A Twitter user sarcastically targeted the technicians working at Bank of America to be confused in fixing the bug. The tweet reads, “Bank of America is trending because Zelle is having an outage issue that’s causing recent transfers to disappear and make everyone’s account negative.”

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What is Zelle?

Similar to Cash App and Venmo, Zelle is a platform for money transfers that enables users to transfer money straight from or into their bank accounts from other bank accounts.

However, unlike its rivals, Zelle enables the funds to be freely accessible right away for use. Its rivals typically charge a fee for that benefit.

“Bank of America” is a subject people are tweeting on;

Another user named it as “criminal” The user tweeted,”What the hell is going on @BankofAmerica @Zelle? This is unacceptable. This is criminal. You have people’s accounts in negative and think you’ll get away with double Zelle’s, fees and whatever else. You’re dead wrong. This stops now! The people are fed up! #bankofamerica #zelle.”

All money gone?

It could not have been funnier to see the users post crying over his mother’s $25 that he thought of using. But unfortunately it was gone. He tweeted, “Now why tf Bank of America took the $25 my momma zelle’d me last night and then over drafted my account . I had plans for that $25 bitchh”

However the users are disappointed, still they can’t resist themselves from posting. A user posted a baby crying out loud and suddenly disappearing. The user might be comparing it to his lost money. He tweeted,”All the money from Bank of America.”

Users are urging the bank to return their money back. Another user wrote, “@BankofAmerica what’s going on with my account bruh? Had to wipe the crust out my eyes cause I KNOW DAMN WELL I DIDNT SPEND $35,000 overnight! Put that shit back!”

Nothing can be worse than calling a customer care executive and staying on the call listening to their music. Similarly, another user explained the pain he suffered while reaching the customer care service. He posted a video of a boy dancing but with a disappointed face. He posted a video of boy dancing but with a disappointed face. The tweet reads, “*Calls Bank of America customer service* BofA, On-hold song:”

Me wanting to open an account with #BankOfAmerica then seeing that they messed up people’s money;” tweeted another user. The user would no more wish to open an account with the bank. However who has the guts to bear the shock of losing all money in just one night?