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All you need to know about traditional North Indian Jewellery

For thousands of years now, the traditional jewellery has been a salient expression of art, culture and tradition of India. From the books of gemology, to the extrinsic art of melting metals, moulding and creating refined pieces – the traditional jewellery has emerged as a collection of some signature designs that proved to be timeless.

In India, one can find the essence of these traditional jewellery in the weddings, cultural festivals and more. When its about North Indian jewellery, there are some distinct features and jewellery pieces, that stand out. Small gold earring designs, heavy duty bangles etc make it all the more exciting. Here is all you need to know about traditional North Indian jewellery.

Traditional Jewellery is significant

Traditionally, jewellery was worn as a symbol of auspiciousness, beauty and good omen. But with time it has symbolized power, status, wealth, beauty and financial security of people. While some jewellery designs have significance in the books of horoscope i.e. Navratna stones that are worn in a particular order, other jewellery items are connected to rituals, beliefs, and traditions. Where the toe ring signifies the fertility of women, the engagement ring signifies the connection to the heart. In the traditional North Indian jewellery, almost every jewellery holds meaning and significance thereby attaching certain rules and designs around it to keep alive the essence of it.

Larger than life jewellery

Unlike everywhere else in India, the North Indian jewellery stands out with its larger than life designs and extravagant appearance. The North Indians are inclined to rich and regal choices like Diamond rings for ladies, gold bangles etc.  And this reflects on the designs and the choices too. Catering to the diverse designs and varied artistic creations, the jewellery are often distinct in their appearance and make for a good highlight too. The Kaleere worn by the bride in their wrist is uniquely stylish and traditionally important – the extravagant design doubles its appeal. The same goes for the bangles, rings and earrings too.

Standalone jewellery that are truly unique

Traditional North Indian jewellery has some jewellery pieces that have earned the interest of millions over the years and yet continue to aspire designers to create new avatars. Here are some of the popular jewellery pieces.

  • Shikarpuri Nath – the big golden ring nath is a classic for every Indian Bride today and is a magnanimous jewellery to add sparkle to one’s wedding look.
  • Jhumkas – While traditionally, it is a simple earring design for an everyday look, its new recreations have revolutionized the style and made it an essential ethnic earring item that women like to own.
  • Kangan – Heavier than bangles, the kangan are metal bangles with excruciate art and designs. Vibrant, colourful and heavy – the kangans hold meaning in traditions and stand out in their appearance too.
  • Glass Bangles – From the red and white chooda to the glass bangles, the North Indian jewellery includes a lot of wrist bands in their heritage
  • Maangtika – Maangtika is one of the most popular North Indian jewellery that creates a statement look. Worn on the forehead, this is a must for every North Indian Bride.


North Indian traditional jewellery is full of fun, vibrant and unique jewellery that holds significance in heritage and continues to be a celebrated piece of art. As you go exploring for new jewellery pieces, learn about their traditional designs and make a wiser choice.



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