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Alumni Management Software. Everything you need to know

A number of institutions nowadays are moving the alumni relations management department from conventional platforms like Excel sheets, Google Forms, and MailChimp to advanced forms of Alumni Management Software solutions. Why? For any organization featuring a small-sized alumni association, management of alumni relations with the help of conventional tools is feasible. However, as the community expands, it becomes increasingly difficult to:

  • Ensure the management of a centralized alumni database
  • Maintain a track of the growth of alumni relations
  • Synchronize different tools for seamless communication and alumni outreach

With the help of a revolutionary alumni management software solution or platform, institutes can find it immensely effortless and convenient to build as well as grow the respective alumni relations.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

What is Alumni Management Software?

Alumni management software helps you in serving and connecting a larger network of alumni -usually graduates from a university or college, into a dedicated virtual community wherein they can network, collaboration, and work effortlessly.

With a reliable alumni management software solution, organizations -usually colleges and universities, can remain touch with the larger alumni base while engaging with them through events and content as well as soliciting donations.

Top Reasons to Use Alumni Management Software

As you select the best alumni management software solution for your organization, you will have a unique set of requirements according to the norms of your organization. Some top reasons to use a dedicated alumni management software solution are:

  • Building the Alumni Database: If your organization wants to develop a dedicated database of the alumni, the right type of alumni management software solution will allow you to do so. It is possible to collect relevant data on different industries with which the alumni have worked and the overall level of seniority. It is also a great option if you are capable of identifying where they are situated geographically. It is valuable for organizing meetings and local events.

The best part is that alumni can make use of the existing database to find and connect with each other. They can take up the initiative to build relationships with the alumni in a specific area. On ideal grounds, whichever alumni management software you will select, it will allow you to dive deeper into organization’s alumni. 

  • Knowledge Sharing, Job Placement, Networking: Another important benefit of a dedicated alumni community platform is the ultimate potential of ensuring stronger connections. Alumni that might have graduated around 10-20 years apart are not always able to connect with each other. With the help of a reliable alumni management software solution, it is possible to exponentially extend the possibilities for functions like knowledge sharing, networking, and facilitating the valuable connections within the alumni network.

When you have the right alumni management software in place, participants can look forward to connecting, collaborating, and even networking effectively. Alumni who might be highly established in the respective careers can offer mentorship or advice. Moreover, recent graduates can easily learn about potential career opportunities while even landing jobs they would not have heard of otherwise. All of this is made possible with a feature-rich alumni management software solution.

  • Organization of Virtual Events: Let us be real -some graduates are going to be financially more settled than others. Not everyone is capable of traveling back & forth to the alma mater for every event or reunion. A reliable alumni management software system understands the fact and delivers access to a highly convenient way of keeping the entire community engaged -through virtual events or meetings. 

With the help of a robust alumni management system or platform, it is possible for organizations to widen the network of alumni that is actively involved. By casting a wider network, organizations can get access to a larger and more diverse group of people -each delivering value to another.

  • Ease of Fundraising: Most organizations or institutions tend to rely significantly on sponsors, fancy galas, fundraising, and other such events. Asking for relevant contributions is not a straightforward process. With an active community system or platform, you will be delivering tons of value to inspire the members to lend help financially. Moreover, the software can offer several ways to the participants to achieve the same. 

Top Features to Look for in an Alumni Management Software System

  • An Interactive, Searchable Members’ Directory: A member directory is the location wherein you will be storing all vital information about the alumni -including name, location, alma mater, contact information, and so more. The directory that you create should be searchable while offering filters to help participants find others easily and connect with other members in the existing community. 

The best directories in a dedicated alumni management software or platform will offer access to a virtual map displaying unique member profiles depending on location and other crucial factors. It is important to keep the directory updated at all times. 

  • Virtual Event Management: Alumni-based events are crucial to ensuring a successful alumni engagement procedure. The alumni management platform that you choose should be capable of delivering full-end event management solutions, including:
  • Ticketing options
  • Reminder and invitation emails
  • Events calendar
  • Social network integration for event publicizing
  • Online payment 

The modern alumni management platform should be capable of supporting the transition from offline to online -especially during the pandemic era. 

  • Fundraising Management: In addition to bringing cash, relevant fundraisers can help in developing stronger bonds between influential and core stakeholders and the organization or institution. Moreover, successful fundraisers also help in boosting morale throughout the organization. 

An innovative alumni management platform will save ample time for your team with respect to administrative tasks. This implies that they will have more time to focus on the respective fundraising strategy along with its tangible results. 

  • Job Boards: An updated job board is a valuable asset for any given alumni network. The software should allow organizations to share relevant jobs, include external job feeds, and even allow fellow alumni post important job opportunities.


With FutureSolve, you can get access to the best-in-class alumni management software solution for your organization!



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