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Ferrari Says Internal Documents Online, But No Eviidence of Cyber Attack

According to recent reports, Ferrari says internal documents have been posted online, but no cyber attack has occurred. The company is still figuring out how all this happened. Read the entire article to learn about the complete story.

About the documents

Ferrari has claimed that although its documents were posted online, it did not notice any unusual activity on its systems nor any breach. Although, this incident does indicate that there might have been some cyber attack that might have happened without the knowledge of the company. Many reports suggest that the company might have been a victim of a ransomware attack but the company states that all its software and data are alright and they have not been impacted in any way. The report that the company might have suffered a cyber attack was first posted by Red Hot Cyber. According to their report, the ransomware group RansomEXX has breached the software of the company. This group did claim to have stolen 6.99 data which includes some of the most crucial documents of the company. Talking about the source, that still remains unclear. Similar attacks have been done in the past as well by ransomware groups like Everest. Ferrari is going carbon neutral, but remains vague on EV rollout

About Ferrari

Ferrari is a dream car for every living person on this planet. It is a luxury car that everyone wishes to own in their lifetime. Talking about the company, the company follows some core values which helps it make its products as popular as they are today. They value their employees and consider them to be their greatest asset but they do realize the importance of teamwork, and without teamwork, they wouldn’t be where they are today. The company also does believe in innovation which is why it has been able to produce such stunning cars. It believes in traditional craftsmanship and couples it up with innovation and creative minds to deliver some extraordinary products that the world has never seen. The company values passion. It is the fuel that leads to success. Their racing cars are nothing without the passion of the consumers to excel in this field. The passion to achieve and win is what makes the company one of the most successful companies in the world. This company came into existence in the year 1045 and since then, it has achieved nothing but success. It has made its mark on the map and is known all around the globe.