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Amazon brings changes to Prime Video UI with a dedicated Sports Tab
Amazon updates the Prime Video user interface with a separate Sports Tab - Do checkout to know more:

Amazon brings changes to Prime Video UI with a dedicated Sports Tab

Amazon brings changes to Prime Video UI with a dedicated Sports Tab
Image Credits: Variety

Amazon has confirmed a new statement claiming that the team for the Amazon Prime Video has brought some new changes to its video streaming platform. The change within the platform includes a dedicated sports tab which will help you easily browse many sports-based tabs on the platform. Here you can find both pre-recorded and live streaming content.

Amazon brings changes to Prime Video Interface 

Amazon confirmed that they are changing the entire Prime Video UI which has been applied for the Prime Video website and even the Prime Video application. However, the major highlight mentioned about the new change within the UI was that the UI gets changed by adding a new dedicated Sports page on the main homepage which makes it easy for the user to navigate around to get the latest sports content. Besides this, you will also get the option for Top 10, Super Carousel, and many more options to watch.

What are the new changes you can find?

Here the new update by Amazon confirms that they have brought the support for the Top 10 category which will be having the list of Top best movies or series you can find with different genres too. So, for genres including Action, Science Fiction, Comedy, or any such, there will be a separate list of Top list of movies and series you will find. This option in India can also be brought in considering the different languages available in the country.

The next feature which was confirmed by Amazon was the “Super Carousel” feature. In this feature, you will get the range of new Amazon Originals and Exclusive content, so that it can be easily accessed by the users.

After the changes have been introduced! When you try to access the Amazon Prime Video now, you will find a new home screen that will have a set of navigation options that will be allocated near to the house icons includes with Home, Store, Find, Live TV, Free with Ads. You will also find a different set of sub-categorizing factors which includes the options for:

  • Sports 
  • Channels and 
  • Rent or Buy

Here the sports menu is actually a new changing feature which is expected to rapidly boost the cinema experience and with the help of carousels you can actually find what is interesting to watch for you. On this page, you can range from sports documentaries, sports videos, and much more sports-related content.

Amazon has added a little more effort to make it easier for the Prime Members to just get a better idea about the Membership perks. Amazon will also be adding a clip that will give direction about which movie or series is there for rent or buy or can be watched with the availed subscription.



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