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Amazon is introducing new tech to monitor shoppers in its grocery stores and share data with advertisers

The Amazon Go storefront.

Source: CNN

The e-commerce giant Amazon has introduced the latest data tracking technology for its grocery stores in the real world. This is done by the multinational firm to extract information about the actions of the customers. The e-commerce giant declared this via a website post.

The Dash Cart or Just Walk Out tech used to embark storehouse apprehension on every Amazon Go and Amazon fresh stores in the United States is designed to collect and deliver information about the preferences of the consumers to the trademark companies. This feature is the real-world store is very much like the information accumulation on the company’s e-commerce platform.

The accumulation of information and analysis focuses on supplying brands understandings and assessment of their broadcasting and publicity approaches, Amazon asserted.

The e-commerce giant also confirmed that none of its customers’ lone information or any kind of disassembled information would be supplied to the brands and the consumers are free to back out of this feature by declining the permission on the Store Insights site. The post further read that all the information collected would be stockpiled at a safe location in the cloud.

This accumulated information via the website will comprise the number of times a particular commodity is being pulled out of the shelf and after a while bought either at the time of a real-world store visit or on the e-commerce platform of the multinational conglomerate.

The real-world store of the tech giant allows the customers to scan the items they are interested in buying while they shop. This makes the grocery stores work through a convoluted practice of keeping a close observation of their customers. Artificial Intelligence-powered cameras are also installed inside the stores that keep an eye on the customers. Apart from this shopping carts have weight sensors installed on them.

The company has done a lot of funding in setting up its high-tech real-world stores which do not have any cashiers in the United and it is speculated that it would be spreading this real-world business around the globe in the recent future.

However, the e-commerce giant has also faced some privacy wrongdoings back in time. Amazon has also installed cameras to keep a close eye on its employees in its delivery van. The camera records the staff’s every body movement and expression very closely due to which some of its employees felt overly suspicious.

Last year in December some stakeholders of the firm demanded to verify its output portions and employee supervision practices.



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